Wintertime in Oregon…Get Ready!

Winter in Oregon some do lament

Is fraught with grey skies…  and money gets spent!

The lights are on scaffold and song fills the air

Groupons a-plenty and devil-may-care

The way-of-the-world and Portland’s delight

Is the bane of onlookers preferring a fight

For Oswego and Portland and Bridgeport and Yon

Are prepared for the winter and the show it puts on

The grey skies don’t daunt and the season invigorates

Even home-buyers are dealing to celebrate

The gloom you’d expect and accompanying sadness

Are not to be found, but instead settle gladness!

For Oregon is nothing if not Beauty and Bliss

Even in winter it’s just no better than this.


Happy Wintertime!


Notes & Scribbles

Rain Showers
47° F | 40° F
Chance of Rain
45° F | 38° F
Rain Showers
45° F | 36° F
Chance of Rain
45° F | 38° F
Chance of Rain
49° F | 41° F
Rain Showers

50% chance of precipitation
Chance of Rain

60% chance of precipitation
Rain Showers

80% chance of precipitation
Chance of Rain

30% chance of precipitation
Chance of Rain

50% chance of precipitation

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Hmmmmmm…. Not to bum you California readers out, but this is a pretty dreary week in Lake Oswego!  I so often hear from family and friends in California though, that they really LOVE rain, and I can relate.  Nothing better than to curl up with a book (or a laptop) by a fire near a window with a nice view & hear the rain on the roof.  Lots of coffee shops prosper here for the same reason.

We have yet to see what the weather is going to look like this winter.  I hear that at the recent “weather conference” held here in Lake Oswego, experts were torn over whether we would be having a relatively dry season, or even MORE snow than we had last year…. quite a gap in understanding among experts…  (any readers who attended this conference or who would like to chime in are welcome!).

Lake Oswego turns 100!

Well, we are only 99 right now, but Lake Oswego is turning 100 in 2010.  Already planning is underway for a “year-long celebration” that will kick off in January with a film at the Lakewood Center giving an overview of the city’s history and unveiling the “Lake Oswego Building Blocks” display; a visual history of 20 of the city’s neighborhoods which will remain on display throughout the year.

There will also be a scavenger hunt that will begin after the kick-off and last thru March (!!!) with clues given each week via he Lake Oswego Review and the city’s official website.

For more info or to get involved, contact Kern-Schilling at 503-675-3983, attend a community meeting at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 5 at the West End Building or visit the Web site later this month.

City Revisits “Affordable Housing”

There was an interesting article in the Lake Oswego Review about a week ago that highlighted some citizens’ work toward ensuring that in particular seniors, but also lower income families and individuals, have access to affordable housing.  Paul Lyons, along with Ralph Tahran have been meeting with City Counselor Roger Hennigan and other interested parties.  Mr. Lyons led a discussion at a recent city council meeting. He pointed out that the planning department is undergoing a periodic review of the Comprehensive Plan, and is hopeful that this is a good time to reintroduce this discussion which was sidelined in 2005.   Here is a link to the article for anyone interested: Affordable Housing The article has generated lively debate in Lake Oswego.

Market Action Report

It is almost time for the October Market Action Report to be released by RMLS.  I think it is interesting to note that there has been a new column added to the Residential Market Highlights and the Area Report called “Total Market Time”.  This is an average of the cumulative number of days a property has been truly on the market.  This time does not reset unless a property has been off the market for more than 30 days, and this statistic is evidently calculated for listings that sell in the month and year-to-date time periods that apply to any issue of Market Action. You know that Dianne and I have often mentioned the confusion that sometimes results from how “Days on Market” are shown when a property relists but is really not a new listing, and so I am glad to see this change in the Market Action Report which will more accurately reflect a property’s actual time on the market before sale.