Plant Sale

I’m reversing the order of my blog posts this week. Usually the market activity report is posted first and then an editorial. However, this week I want you to have a heads up about a great even this Saturday, with time to get it onto your calendar.

This is the 97th year for the Lake Grove Garden Club’s annual sale. It will be this Saturday, the 19th of June, from 9 to noon, at Our Saviors Lutheran Church on Quarry Rd.

A wide variety of plants and garden objects will be offered, most at prices significantly less than you would find at garden stores. This is possible because the plants have been raised and cultivated by members of the club.

Proceeds go to community projects to beautify the neighborhoods, to protect heritage plants, and to a scholarship to support a student who attends Clackamas Community College in the horticulture program. Very worthwhile!

For me gardening is a salve to my soul. Digging in the dirt really is so calming, peaceful, and rewarding. I think it’s also cheaper than therapy!


This Week in Lake Oswego

Here are my picks for things to do this week either online or in person:

Mon, June 14, 2021 – 8:00AM-9:00PMStory Line Recordings~ Listen to poetry and short stories anytime! dial 503-636-7628 and press 6 More Info:  CLICK HERE

Tues, June 15, 2021 – 4:00-5:00PMCook the Books! ~ Meet online every Tuesday with Librarians Shannon & Alicia to eat and talk about food & recipes.- More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Wed, June 16, 2021 – 4:00-6:00PMParks Board Meeting~ This meeting has been scheduled since COVID via Webex. Want input on our treasured parks & recreation facilities & activities & how we move forward? Join in!- More Info & Registration + Agenda Links:  CLICK HERE

Thurs, June 17, 2021 – 7:00-8:30PMTrivia Night!!!~ Join your hosts, Chris and Carissa for some fun together online. Its around 90 minutes & its like pub trivia…but you’re not in a pub! Bring your own drinks & snacks & enjoy.- More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Fri, June 18, 2021 – This is a first!! There are NO events scheduled in Lake Oswego. So… the weather should be awesome. Take a stroll in George Rogers Park, or at Luscher Farm or along the trails in Tryon…or sit & have a picnic at the waterfront or Millennium Plaza Park : )

Sat, June 19, 2021 – 8:30AM-1:30PMLake Oswego Farmers Market –  Peruse the cream of the crop in every category of local lusciousness at Millennium Plaza Park- More Info :  CLICK HERE

Sun, June 20, 2021 – All DayFathers Day!~ Get out there and do something with your Dad, or the Dad (or closest thing to one) in your Life. Preferably something they like to do ; ) If your Dad is gone, I’ll join you in remembering him with Love and doing something that I (you) know he would enjoy.

Market Activity ~ May 31-June 6, 2021

Last week we saw 15 homes enter the market, 28 move to Pending/Accepted Offer status, and 35 Closed/Sold. Right now there are 104 beautiful properties to choose from in Lake Oswego!

NEW May 31-June 6, 2021

AddressList Price# Beds# BathsTotal SFProp Type
47 EAGLE CREST DR  #54$186,00011672CONDO
4619 LAKEVIEW BLVD / Grnd$205,00011753CONDO
153 OSWEGO SMT/Lower$279,990221677CONDO
482 S STATE ST / 3B$385,000211659CONDO
19 SUMMIT RIDGE CT$449,00022.11558ATTACHD
156 RIDGEWAY RD$450,00032.11805CONDO
5051 TUALATA LN$714,900421581DETACHD
3830 TEMPEST DR$999,995433099DETACHD
12975 SW ELK ROCK RD$1,499,00053.14569DETACHD
4640 DOGWOOD DR$1,500,000444142DETACHD
2023 RIDGEWOOD RD$1,500,00042.14340DETACHD
3729 ELEANOR CT$1,598,00044.14061DETACHD
17575 S CRESTLINE DR$3,500,00054.27496DETACHD
1777 SKYLAND DR$3,700,00043.14871DETACHD

PENDING May 31-June 6, 2021

AddressList Price# Beds# BathsTotal SFProp TypeCDOM
4000 CARMAN DR, E68$255,00011836CONDO3
4000 CARMAN DR, E80$289,00022993CONDO1
15438 SW STEPHANIE CT$469,98732.11627ATTACHD6
6200 SHAKESPEARE ST$540,000321250DETACHD2
4124 HARVEY WAY$649,900321410DETACHD7
14417 ORCHARD SPRINGS RD$649,99942.11968DETACHD22
4396 GALEWOOD ST$650,00032.11672DETACHD12
17310 CANYON DR$750,000532716DETACHD3
33 DA VINCI ST$760,000532560DETACHD4
1455 NELSON CT$835,00042.12210DETACHD2
340 8TH ST$875,000322146DETACHD4
663 CARRERA LN$899,000322356DETACHD1
17144 WARREN CT$920,00042.12778DETACHD18
18768 WOOD DUCK ST$925,000433016DETACHD4
18343 ANDUIN TER$970,00042.13000DETACHD19
4137 ORCHARD WAY$975,00052.13680DETACHD2
2011 RIDGEWOOD LN$999,90053.13115DETACHD3
4379 SNOWBRUSH CT$1,050,000433596DETACHD2
19229 35TH PL$1,100,00053.14764DETACHD113
5800 SEVILLE AVE$1,299,000443912DETACHD12
19305 HILL TOP RD$1,375,00043.15116DETACHD277
4390 SUNSET DR$1,399,00042.13035DETACHD1
640 9TH ST$1,450,000433321DETACHD5
858 10TH ST$1,650,00032.12410DETACHD6
1099 CHERRY CIR$1,690,00053.13796DETACHD5
4440 UPPER DR$1,899,00043.13583DETACHD16
2112 GOODALL CT$2,100,000434078DETACHD4
2254 KNAUS RD$4,125,00045.17436DETACHD46

SOLD May 31-June 6, 2021

AddressOpening PriceClosed Price# Beds# BathsTotal SFProp TypeDOM
4 TOUCHSTONE  #87$205,000$190,00022984CON217
147 OSWEGO SMT/Upper$232,000$251,000221140CON3
3668 SPRING LN  #4B$320,000$385,000221117CON4
5221 TREE ST$525,000$555,00031924DET3
10 ORIOLE LN$500,000$572,500321502DET5
17 LAUREL ST$599,000$599,00031.13096DET6
1033 SPRUCE ST$745,000$725,00022.11638DET12
2734 SW ORCHARD HILL LN$720,000$785,50042.12816DET4
17944 RIDGE LAKE DR$775,000$802,50042.12525DET3
5110 ROSEWOOD ST$800,000$840,00032.12464DET5
1118 ANDREWS RD$849,000$849,000322182DET3
4350 UPPER DR$875,000$855,000321717DET18
17043 CRESTVIEW DR$799,900$895,00042.12303DET4
17787 BLUE HERON DR$895,000$896,500432519DET9
324 LAKEWOOD RD$928,000$928,250221383DET10
30 HILLSHIRE DR$950,000$950,00042.13887DET2
2376 FERNWOOD CIR$849,900$950,625422094DET5
1768 GLENMORRIE DR$978,000$988,000332904DET2
1920 Park Forest AVE$1,125,000$1,050,000332679DET19
4145 CHAD DR$1,050,000$1,055,00042.13360DET9
13348 FIELDING RD$1,070,550$1,070,55031.12068DET1
5633 GRAND OAKS DR$950,000$1,075,00042.13156DET4
2357 HILLSIDE LN$1,195,000$1,195,000534162DET5
56 WILBUR ST$1,225,000$1,200,00033.13600CON7
5665 GRAND OAKS DR$1,025,000$1,220,000534226DET3
127 FURNACE ST/Upper$1,349,000$1,349,00022.12016CON7
3931 BASS LN$1,365,000$1,365,00054.14284DET2
3119 WEMBLEY PARK RD$1,385,000$1,465,00043.13688DET2
3423 LAKE GROVE AVE$1,695,000$1,650,00043.14721DET25
1799 ATHERTON DR$1,669,000$1,669,00045.16280DET37
18639 PILKINGTON RD$1,675,000$1,675,000444281DET7
19342 LORNA LN$1,685,000$1,685,00043.14375DET2
17432 KELOK RD$1,595,000$1,710,00032.13023DET3
165 PINE VALLEY RD$2,350,000$2,350,000444067DET0
1775 SOUTHSHORE BLVD$4,950,000$4,512,00035.15401DET0


Why do people move to Lake Oswego? Schools is probably number one. It’s why I moved here. Great restaurants, parks, shopping, those are good reasons as well. But there is another big factor. I don’t think it gets discussed much, but that big factor is that this town just feels really, really safe.

Because property values are relatively high, the property taxes that support the community do a great job of funding our schools, but they also do a great job of funding our police department.

I have had two experiences with the Lake Oswego police in the 23 years that I have lived here. The first happened within months of moving into our home. My husband left his truck unlocked with his briefcase inside. Someone stole his check book out of his brief case. We called the police and a patrol car arrived within about 20 minutes. They took a full report and then took the time to give us advice on how to stop miss use of that check book. I think in most towns such a small incident would have led to being asked to fill out some sort of a form and file it as opposed to having a patrol car show up and personally assist us.

The second incidence happend not to long ago and is what prompted me to write this post. Last August I was in a vehicle accident on Boones Ferry Road. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it all was worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. However, my little dog got tossed off the passenger seat of my car and had a slightly bloody eye. The officers who responded to the accident were just so kind. They literally told me, we’ve got this taken care of here, please take your dog to the vet. Truly, they were so kind. My little dog ended up being fine, with no serious injury.

Here’s a tip for driving through Lake Oswego, don’t speed. There are patrol cars every hour of every day. Just don’t speed.

Here’s another tip: there is a 11:00pm curfew for teenagers under the age of 18. Kids are simply not allowed on the streets unaccopanied by adults after 11:00pm. I raised good kids, but I also liked them knowing that they could not hang out with friends late at night on the streets. They had to be at home, and they were.

I’m sure that others may have stories about the LO PD that have a different take on how they operate. But I can honestly say that I have had nothing but positive experiences with the local police department. I just feel safe here and I feel like my family is safe here. Thank you LO PD, I appreciate all that you do.


Market Activity May 24-30, 2021

Our real estate market continues to be extremely strong with properties selling quickly and often for more than the list price. In Lake Oswego last week we had 13 new listings, 39 properties move into pending status and 28 sold/closed homes.

See below for RMLS details.

New on the Market May 24-30, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
15438 SW Stephanie CtAttached$469,98732.51627
4124 Harvey WayDetached$649,900321410
217 HidalgoDetached$769,90032.54312
5542 Dunmire DrDetached$899,00042.53256
19001 Barton RdDetached$899,00042.52194
18430 Pilkington RdDetached$1,175,000433021
640 9th StDetached$1,450,000433321
858 10th StDetached$1,650,00032.53880
4502 Lamont WayDetached$1,795,000443880
17600 Upper Cherry LnDetached$2,099,00043.53905
1155 Crestline CtDetached$2,200,00054.57438
19379 Riverwood LnDetached$2,700,000544584
1075 Chandler RdDetached$2,799,00054.55710

Pending sales May 24-30, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
4 Touchstone #123Condo$215,00032.5135114
49 Oswego SummitCondo$215,000117213
4000 Carman Dr #60Condo$265,0002286639
78 Galen StCondo$299,000229894
3688 Spring Ln 3DCondo$350,0002211173
1104 Boca Ratan DrAttached$459,00032.5173921
103 Kingsgate RdDetached$525,00032.513525
3388 Edgemont RdDetached$595,00032.520195
979 Devon LnDetached$599,90043.523624
31 Partridge LnDetached$634,9004331585
830 Laurel StDetached$645,0003214003
1131 Oxford DrDetached$675,0004322009
5717 Langford LnDetached$675,00032.518004
16441 Bonaire AveDetached$679,9003116775
13413 Auburn CtAttached$689,00043.528223
15481 Tanager DrDetached$725,00032.521539
9 Falstaff StDetached$729,00042.5243651
4846 Lower DrDetached$749,900532655105
1401 Aspen StDetached$749,95032.528506
686 Sunny Hill DrDetached$750,00042.523926
17266 Fernwood DrDetached$779,00032.520865
12427 SW Orchard Hill RdDetached$849,00042.530232
12792 Sierra Vista DrDetached$899,00042.533436
17575 Blue Herron CtDetached$899,90043.529724
1874 Glenmorrie TerrDetached$950,00033350835
400 Lake Bay CtDetached$1,050,00032.519043
1151 Cherry CircleDetached$1,195,00043.540097
1896 Palisades Lake CtDetached$1,199,0004334394
4081 Pfeifer CtDetached$1,200,00053.540783
18336 Westview DrDetached$1,395,0004449219
804 2nd StDetached$1,450,00052.5294530
18224 Bella Terra DrDetached$1,575,00043.540508
149 Furnace St #25Condo$1,795,00043.539546
1175 Cherry CircleDetached$1,850,00065630012
13233 Amber PlDetached$1,999,0004439130
13589 Goodall RdDetached$2,599,00043444338
445 Northshore RdDetached$3,198,00033.529082
460 Bergis RdDetached$4,750,00064.55114569
1190 Fairway RdDetached$5,495,00045.558559

Sold/Closed May 24-30, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
13 Oswego SummitCondo$199,900$205,00076427
4 Touchstone #111Condo$220,000$214,5001,3516
47 Eagle Crest Dr #63Condo$235,000$248,8008304
5059 Foothills Dr GCondo$335,000$330,00099114
243 CervantesCondo$399,000$390,000129253
1461 Greentree CircleDetached$645,000$660,00017458
13901 Sundeleaf DrDetached$622,000$680,00019886
5316 Lower DrDetached$699,000$687,000201615
15380 Twin Fir RdDetached$692,000$707,000294025
1931 Mapleleaf CtDetached$699,900$740,00022925
1038 Gans StDetached$660,000$760,0002,0584
18491 Waxwing CircleDetached$675,000$780,0001934$4
100 D AveAttached$798,000$800,00018475
282 Ash StDetached$780,000$815,000279130
18123 Westridge DrDetached$799,900$873,00026774
24 Tanglewood DrDetached$750,000$935,00026303
32 Westridge DrDetached$949,000$950,00036538
16176 Nola CtDetached$969,000$973,50029455
885 10th StDetached$1,150,000$1,075,000263321
6 Sherwood CtDetached$995,900$1,085,00031334
18958 Bryant RdDetached$1,199,900$1,150,000317813
5570 Kilchurn AveDetached$1,150,000$1,251,00029313
1924 Cheryl CtDetached$1,595,000$1,700,00053065
3711 Wren StDetached$1,595,000$1,700,00033474
13300 Atwater LnDetached$1,599,000$1,700,00031103
18012 Eastridge LnDetached$2,100,000$2,075,000587510
17660 Wayside LnDetached$1,950,000$2,185,00047845
17979 S Crestline DrDetached$3,045,000$2,687,0004,85818

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

Market Activity ~ May 17-23, 2021

This week’s report shows 14 New properties hitting the market, 33 moving to Pending status (accepted Offers) and 25 Sold/Closed in Lake Oswego.

Right now there are 93 properties available in this little hamlet so close to downtown Portland & the Willamette River & central to both east & west surrounding Portland areas.

NEW May 17-23, 2021

AddressList Price# Beds# BathsTotal SFProp Type
43 GREENRIDGE CT$425,00031.11652ATTACHD
12572 BOONES FERRY RD$579,000421577DETACHD
4396 GALEWOOD ST$650,00032.11672DETACHD
1131 OXFORD DR$675,000432200DETACHD
5071 TUALATA LN$675,000331540DETACHD
15481 TANAGER DR$725,00032.12153DETACHD
1015 SOUTH SHORE BLVD$1,089,000433882DETACHD
5800 SEVILLE AVE$1,299,000443912DETACHD
18336 WESTVIEW DR$1,395,000444921DETACHD
4210 VIRGINIA WAY$1,549,00044.13508DETACHD
18224 BELLA TERRA DR$1,575,00043.14050DETACHD
4440 UPPER DR$1,899,00043.13583DETACHD
1978 EGAN WAY$2,198,00045.26761DETACHD
14500 UPLANDS DR$2,495,00054.25544DETACHD

PENDING May 17-23, 2021

AddressList Price# Beds# BathsTotal SFProp TypeCDOM
4 TOUCHSTONE   #69$220,00032.11351CONDO3
47 EAGLE CREST DR   #63$235,00021830CONDO4
750 1ST ST   E28$245,00011902CONDO31
137 OSWEGO SMT / Upper$269,500221212CONDO5
3882 BOTTICELLI ST / Main$289,000321224CONDO20
3892 BOTTICELLI ST / Main$303,500321288CONDO4
3950 CARMAN DR / Grnd$345,00022.11101CONDO3
1335 LAUREL ST$350,000211248DETACHD3
4320 BOTTICELLI ST   #11$379,99522.22098ATTACHD13
16200 PACIFIC HWY   #21$419,900221190CONDO5
14392 SHERBROOK PL$515,00032.12133DETACHD4
338 LAUREL ST$529,000321346DETACHD4
2991 GLEN HAVEN RD$650,000432560DETACHD5
14 MORNINGVIEW CIR$699,90043.12728DETACHD19
2740 GLEN HAVEN RD$699,90032.11612DETACHD3
19419 TUALAMERE AVE$749,000322068DETACHD9
16915 GREENTREE AVE$759,000332791DETACHD7
1244 HALLINAN CIR$775,000432485DETACHD5
3061 WESTVIEW CT$799,000433396DETACHD36
5747 VICTORIA CT$810,00042.12432DETACHD2
5737 CHARLES CIR$899,00042.13088DETACHD4
17144 WARREN CT$920,00042.12778DETACHD6
69 Nansen Summit$985,00032.13185DETACHD5
2002 CEDAR CT$1,079,000322945DETACHD6
14175 TAYLORS CREST LN$1,095,000433432DETACHD4
56 WILBUR ST$1,225,00033.13600ATTACHD7
138 DEL PRADO ST$1,425,000544500DETACHD3
4484 WEST BAY RD$1,649,00053.14417DETACHD6
16315 CHAPIN WAY$1,795,00043.13478DETACHD4
18740 GREEN BLUFF DR$1,800,000433645DETACHD3
7 DOVER WAY$1,899,99955.17803DETACHD3
1845 PALISADES TERRACE DR$3,650,00032.12674DETACHD17
1125 MAPLE ST$3,900,00043.16254DETACHD82

SOLD May 17-23, 2021

AddressOpening PriceClosed Price# Beds# BathsTotal SFProp TypeCDOM
82 GALEN ST / Upper$199,500$210,00010.1690CONDO2
5059 FOOTHILLS DR  E$312,000$338,00022989CONDO10
54 GREENRIDGE CT$429,000$440,000321596CONDO7
5509 BONITA RD$449,900$560,000322000DETACHD3
76 GREENRIDGE CT$674,900$632,68543.12868ATTACHD28
19061 REDWING CT$700,000$740,000321611DETACHD4
769 6TH ST$652,000$768,00021720DETACHD2
1002 HEMLOCK ST$725,000$775,00032.11950DETACHD4
1710 YARMOUTH CIR$769,000$780,000221540DETACHD2
1225 Hallinan ST$724,900$788,00032.11819DETACHD6
19233 INDIAN SPRINGS RD$799,950$799,95044.13423DETACHD11
10 YORICK ST$925,000$915,00053.14023DETACHD19
1007 HEMLOCK ST$899,000$963,00032.11930DETACHD3
17167 CEDAR RD$880,000$984,000322673DETACHD3
16126 SW INVERURIE RD$899,000$988,00042.12492DETACHD5
12624 SW 22ND AVE$945,000$1,010,00043.13665DETACHD4
19201 MAREE CT$1,300,000$1,250,00052.14290DETACHD27
1891 PALISADES LAKE CT$1,425,000$1,400,00044.15389DETACHD193
13311 LESLIE CT$1,540,000$1,540,000555596DETACHD0
784 6TH ST$1,625,000$1,625,000433200DETACHD5
822 6TH ST$1,444,900$1,650,000432920DETACHD3
13613 PROVINCIAL HILL WAY$1,550,000$1,675,00063.14534DETACHD4
6 DOVER WAY$1,795,000$1,700,00043.14499DETACHD9
15400 DIAMOND HEAD RD$2,100,000$2,050,00043.13358DETACHD1
15780 TWIN FIR RD$2,975,000$2,825,00044.14270DETACHD44
Criteria: (RMLS DATA) Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

Market Activity Report May 10-16, 2021

Last week in Lake Oswego there were 15 new listings, 27 properties that moved into pending status, and 29 sold/closed sales.

I want to point out two things. This market is moving so fast that houses are going pending before Linda or I pull up the data to do this market activity report. This skews the numbers for the new listings because they are going pending so fast that they are not showing up in the new listing data. Second, I want to point out the opposite. Not every property is selling in just a couple of days. In the pending properties 7 out of 27 sold in a few weeks. In the sold properties 6 out of 29 sold in a longer period of time. This happens. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t sell over night and for more than asking price. Real estate has lots and lots of variables and nothing is cast in stone. This is also why it’s important to hire a really great Realtor.

See below for an explanation of the RMLS data.

New on the Market May 10-16, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
15461 Wesley CtDetached$619,90042.51676
1571 Woodland TerraceDetached$740,000322400
3 SpinosaDetached$755,000332615
16915 Greentree AveDetached$759,000332791
19419 Tualamere AveDetached$765,000322068
17144 Warren CtDetached$920,00042.52778
12962 Knaus RdDetached$975,00032.51925
2164 Summit DrDetached$987,000221785
18343 Anduin TerrDetached$995,00042.53000
5455 Langford LnDetached$999,90042.53398
18320 Delenka LnDetached$1,150,00042.54519
5774 Bay Point DrDetached$1,195,00052.53674
56 Wilbur StAttached$1,225,00033.53600
17436 Kelok RdDetached$1,595,00042.53054
1175 Cherry CircleDetached$1,850,000656300

Pending Sales May 10-16, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
82 Galen StCondo$199,500116902
13 Oswego SummitCondo$199,9001176427
4 Touchstone #111Condo$220,00032.513516
48 Eagle Crest Dr 2CCondo$349,0003216235
4072 Jefferson PkwyAttached$359,90032.512905
16200 Pacific Hwy #4Condo$480,00022119068
5221 Tree StDetached$525,000319243
1127 Cedar StDetached$539,9002118484
2633 SW Orchard Hill LnDetached$595,00032.521365
17473 Schalit WayDetached$619,90032.518124
1461 Greentree CircleDetached$645,0003217458
1865 Greentree RdDetached$699,0004219606
18634 Bryant RdDetached$749,90032.5285832
5546 Royal Oaks DrDetached$759,00032192023
2911 SW Orchard Hill PlDetached$795,00043.5374037
17043 Crestview DrDetached$799,90042.523034
18123 Westview DrDetached$799,90032.526774
4188 Cobb WayDetached$825,0004325865
946 Cumberland RdDetached$849,0005325482
5825 Bay Point DrDetached$850,00042.526043
491 Country Club RdDetached$865,0004224862
15950 Parker RdDetached$899,90052.526863
1982 Wembly Park RdDetached$949,00054456115
4317 Upper DrDetached$1,195,00054.531455
1255 Bickner StDetached$1,199,00042.5276443
5795 Dogwood DrDetached$1,285,00042.534204
1730 Northshore RdDetached$4,295,00043.541733

Sold/Closed Properties May 10-16, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
47 Eagle Crest Dr #6Condo$179,900$184,00067239
95 Oswego SummitCondo$229,000$225,0001,1166
86 Kingsgate Rd A202Condo$246,000$244,82084925
4629 Lakeview BlvdCondo$249,999$252,500117824
5225 Jean Rd #513Condo$349,900$364,00014004
15446 Stephanie CtAttached$400,000$425,00015825
750 1st St B-1Condo$395,000$438,50015465
22 Condolea DrCondo$410,000$440,00014481
1305 Spruce StDetached$449,000$500,00010245
16748 Lake Forest BlvdDetached$445,000$515,00010765
234 Greenridge DrAttached$559,900$600,0001,4924
18631 Kristi WayDetached$525,000$602,50014724
5978 Fernbrook CircleDetached$585,000$650,00016124
1620 Woodland TerrDetached$690,000$701,00023524
17 Abelard StDetached$650,000$725,00021222
143 Del Prado StDetached$621,000$750,00019070
660 Hemlock StDetached$684,900$790,00016484
672 1st StCondo$850,000$850,00019864
12793 Sierra Vista DrDetached$899,900$915,00036503
538 Livingood LnDetached$875,000$940,00028074
1992 Palisades Terr DrDetached$1,250,000$1,400,00041407
2065 Ridge Pointe DrDetached$1,495,000$1,475,000479019
18977 Pilkington RdDetached$1,529,098$1,595,00036696
17509 Ridgeview LnDetached$1,599,900$1,620,00039382
16777 Phantom Bluff CtDetached$1,995,000$1,900,000504514
16847 Greenbrier RdDetached$2,700,000$2,350,000236035
538 Ridgeway RdDetached$2,448,000$2,488,00040040
18277 Crestline DrDetached$3,100,000$2,596,5956,892169
4933 Lakeview BlvdDetached$1,350,000$1,375,00039881

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings

News & Notes April 2021 Numbers

Here is your wider Portland Market Report according to RMLS data, with overall Neighborhood changes and Lake Oswego data broken out below.

Overview/Fluctuations ~  Market Data April 2021:                                                      

Record low Inventory continues.  Competition is heavy and/but anecdotally the grapevine says more properties are starting to show up now in May, and I’m seeing & hearing about more Offers accepted at or nearer asking price.  The numbers will tell next month when we look at May’s totals, but that is the buzz. Mortgage rates are still great. The latest, though it varies on a daily basis and from individual to individual, is 3.25-3.35% on a 30-year Conventional loan w/a 700 credit score & 20% down.

  • There were 4,065 New Listings in April 2021 increased 42.8% over April 2020’s 2,487 and increased 17.3% from the previous month/March’s 3,465.
  • At 2,946, April 2021’s Closed Sales are up 46.2% from April 2020’s 2,015, and also up 15.3% from the previous month/March’s total of 2,556
  • At 3,400, April 2021’s Pending Sales increased 66.6% from April 2020’s 2,041, and also jumped up by 1.6% from the previous month/March’s total of 3,346.
  • The Average Sale Price in April 2021 of $557,900 is up $80,500 from last year/April 2020’s $477,400, and up $3,600. from the previous month/March’s $554,300.   
  • The “Median” Sale Price (the price smack dab in the middle of all sales) in April 2021 of $500,000 rose $76,000 from last year/April 2020’s $424,000, and also increased $12,000 from the previous month/March’s $488,000.

According to the RMLS Market Action Report  for the Portland Metro Area, April 2021:


The combined areas of Lake Oswego and West Linn for the month of April 2021 reported:

  • 123 Active Listings (Mar 112)
  • 255 New Listings    (Mar 188)
  • 218 Pending Sales (Mar 156)
  • 142 Closed Sales    (Mar 112)
  • Average Sale Price for Apr: $818,300  (Mar $944,100)
    • NOTE: Higher-Priced vs Lower-Priced Homes Sales can skew the “Average” in any given month.  Lake Oswego has quite a variety, so this tends to be a less meaningful stat, generally speaking, in this niche.
  •  33 Average Days on the Market   (Mar 77)

The Gnomes are Back!

I had a great walk this morning that began and ended at Foothills Park. As I started out I came across this sign.

The sign itself is pretty informative. As it explains, the City of LO is putting 3 gnomes, Blossom, Greenie, and Oak, into 3 different parks. They will be moved each month between April and October to 3 new parks. The idea is to find them every month in order to explore the 21 Natural areas that the City maintains.

When you find a gnome, take a selfie and post it to social media using the hashtag #LOparksgnomes. Each time you post a selfie your name will be put into a drawing. In October a lucky winner will receive their very own gnome.

Finding the gnomes is a great incentive to get out and enjoy the fresh air, which is certainly one purpose for the gnomes. Another great purpose for this activity is to educate the citizens of Lake Oswego about the Stewardship Program that is run by the City Parks and Recreation Department. The Stewardship Program organizes events for volunteers to help with the cleaning and maintenance of the natural areas. Its a fun way to give back to the community, and to meet other great citizens.

In May the gnomes can be found in these 3 natural areas: Lamont Springs, Bryant Woods, and Woodmont. For a map of the gnomes parks for the month, and more information about the Stewardship Program, click here.

Happy gnome hunting!


This Week in Lake Oswego

Spring is in the air, people are starting to peek out from their safe spaces & Lake Oswego is as beautiful as ever. Here are my picks for things to do this week either online or in person:

Mon, May3rd, 2021 – 4:30-5:30PMYouth Mountain Biking Series 1 ~ Meet at Luscher Farm/The Quarry at East Waluga Park to learn shifting, body position, pedal position, climbing, descending, cornering and managing trail obstacles! Mondays till 5/24- More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Tues, May4th, 2021 – 4:00-5:00PM –Cook the Books ~ Meet online every Tuesday with Librarians Shannon & Alicia to eat and talk about food & recipes. – More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Wed, May5th, 2021 – 6:00-8:00PM –Pickelball Clinic & Play (18yrs+)~ Learn the basics and then join in with the fastest growing sport in America! Wednesdays till 5/26 at George Rogers Park – More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Thurs, May6th, 2021 – 7:00-8:30PM –Public Library Trivia Night! ~ Its like “Pub Trivia” but shorter…and you’re not in a pub! Plus there are Powell’s Gift Cards involved… Thursdays online- More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Fri, May7th, 2021 – 6:30-9:30PM –Samurai in the Oregon Sky with Ilana Sol! ~ Join the Filmmaker as she presents her film & joins for post-viewing questions & answers. – Her first film ON PAPER WINGS won 7 awards and was included in an episode of NPR’s Radiolab. SAMURAI IN THE OREGON SKY is her second film~ In 1942, Japanese pilot Nobuo Fujita catapulted his seaplane off of a submarine, flew over the Oregon coast, and became the only pilot to bomb the U.S. mainland during WWII.  He never dreamed he would one day be invited back to the region, where he would begin a lifelong friendship with the people of a small Oregon town.  SAMURAI IN THE OREGON SKY chronicles how Mr. Fujita came to refer to his former target as his “second home.” – More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE

Sat, May8th, 2021 – 8:30AM-1:30PM –Lake Oswego Farmers Market! ~ Millennium Park Plaza is the place to be every Saturday as Artisans and Farmers share their wares in a COVID-safe & festive environment. There are also online ordering options available.- For More Info & Safety Protocols:  CLICK HERE

Sun, May9th, 2021 – 11:00-12:00PM –A Bookish Affair!~ Join fellow aficionados of Romance & Happily-Ever-After genres to discuss love stories of all kinds. This week covering The Duke Who Didn’t by Courtney Milan –  More Info & Registration:  CLICK HERE