Open Houses ~ Sunday, March 6th, 2011

There are 31 homes being held Open this Sunday in Lake Oswego according to RMLS


Address L/Price # Beds # Baths Total SF Prop Type Time
3 SAINT HELENS CIR $257,250 2 2 1472 DETACHD 1-3PM
8 CONDOLEA DR $259,900 2 2 1312 CONDO 1-3PM
17401 HILL WAY $264,900 3 2 1597 DETACHD 1-3PM
2061 BONNIEBRAE DR $275,000 3 2.1 1687 TWNHSE 1-3PM
4342 WOODSIDE CIR $285,000 3 2 1643 DETACHD 1-3PM
446 5TH ST $285,000 2 1.1 1092 TWNHSE 11AM-1PM
19250 MAREE CT $299,000 3 2.1 1519 DETACHD 1-3PM
1830 CLOVERLEAF RD $373,000 5 2 1795 DETACHD 2-4PM
4500 GALEWOOD ST $420,000 3 3 2408 DETACHD 1-4PM
775 BOCA RATAN DR $424,990 4 3.1 2727 DETACHD 1-3PM
1416 CHERRY CREST DR $439,900 4 3 2792 DETACHD 1-4PM
785 5TH ST $445,000 3 2 2112 DETACHD 1-4PM
19487 SW DOGWOOD CT $469,900 4 3 3105 DETACHD 10AM-4PM
19443 KOKANEE CT $475,000 4 2.1 2807 DETACHD 12-5PM
1119 OAK ST $499,500 4 2.1 2123 DETACHD 2-4PM
19319 SW DOGWOOD CT $499,900 4 2.1 3105 DETACHD 10AM-4PM
19285 MEGLY CT $539,900 5 3 3275 DETACHD 10AM-4PM
19263 MEGLY CT $544,900 5 3 3213 DETACHD 10AM-4PM
17981 MEADOWLARK LN $558,377 3 2.1 3250 DETACHD 11AM-4PM
19200 MEGLY CT $569,900 6 3 3490 DETACHD 1-AM-4PM
1217 TYNDALL CT $599,000 4 4 5181 DETACHD 2-4PM
17997 Braeden CT $644,859 3 2.1 2984 DETACHD 1-3PM
5511 FIELDSTONE CT $658,950 4 2.1 3037 DETACHD 2:30-4:30PM
5533 FIELDSTONE CT $668,950 4 2.1 3115 DETACHD 2:30-4:30PM
1015 SOUTHSHORE BLVD $695,000 4 3 3522 DETACHD 12-2PM
15622 FIELDSTONE DR $698,950 3 2.1 3113 DETACHD 2:30-4:30PM
5320 SOUTHWOOD DR $728,000 4 3 3646 DETACHD 12:30-2:30PM
18955 BRYANT RD $749,900 4 2.1 3660 DETACHD 1-3PM
721 7TH ST $929,000 4 3.1 4228 DETACHD 1-4PM
17010 Chapin WAY $1,049,900 4 3.1 4032 DETACHD 2-4PM
18209 SIENA DR $1,058,000 5 3.1 3839 DETACHD 12-2PM

Showing Tips

So you’ve put your house on the market and are planning to jump on the spring bandwagon and take advantage of the thawing market. Let’s talk about how best to show your home & what your options are.

You’ll be talking with your agent about the listing’s “Showing Instructions”. You have several options including “Call 1st”, “Call Agent”, “Call Owner” and “Appointment Only” among others. My recommendation to my clients is to veer toward the “Call 1st” option if at all possible. My reason for this is that you want to remove as many barriers as possible to getting a potential Buyer into your home. While there is often very reasonable rationale for choosing others of those options, the one that makes it easiest for your potential Buyer is “Call 1st”. This Showing Instruction lets the Buyer’s agent know that he or she may call your number, and if no one answers, leave a message with the approximate time of the desired showing and the request for a call back that if that time will NOT work for you. This makes it very easy for the Buyer’s agent and the Buyer…. and that’s what you want! It also gives you the opportunity to say “No… 2PM this afternoon would work better for me.”

Now let’s talk about how you leave your home when you have a showing. Obviously you want your home to he “the one” for the Buyers looking it over. I know you’ve heard all the admonitions before about making things neutral so that Buyers can picture themselves and their “stuff” there; taking down family photos/neutral wall colors/cleared counter-tops etc. I also want you to consider those things that are probably invisible to you as a homeowner… Pretend you have never been in your home before, and walk in the front door. Is the entry open with a clear view to the rest of the home? Is the porch littered with shoes or other “normal” things like miscellaneous gardening objects (trowels, gloves…), dead potted plants, etc? Are your toothbrushes in cups on the counter for visitors to admire? Dentures in a glass? Are your medications out on the counter in the bathroom or your vitamins out on the kitchen counter?? Is there a stinky kitchen sponge decorating your sink? Are those pesky box beetles trying valiantly to get in under your back door & warm up a little? (PLEASE call Orkin…) How about your mud room… is it muddy? If so… transform it into a showplace for cleanliness w/ hooks for clothing & bench-seats for cleaning up…. but leave the mud for peoples’ imaginations. The whole thing is about creating ambiance. I’ll say it: “The way you live in a house is not the way you ‘sell” a house.” Just do a little “I’ve never been here before” exploring around your home… it will probably amaze you!

How to make it all easier?
There are professional organizers who can come in and help you with streamlining your home. I’ve used this method with clients, especially busy ones. It lifts a huge weight off a Seller’s shoulders during the process of sorting and deciding what is staying and what is going into storage during the sale period or to Goodwill.

Once that phase of preparation is complete, I suggest hiring a professional cleaning company to come in and do a once-over on your home. It is more of what we discussed above; things you don’t tend to notice as you live in the house. After this, attempt to keep things the way they are… hopefully streamlined and clean. Then just keep a bottle of window cleaner handy and go through the house lightly touching all the sinks’ hardware so it shines before you leave. Once the initial work is done in preparing your home for sale, maintenance is key, and not as hard as you think.

My main message here? You’ve heard all of the obvious advice on staging, colors etc. Remember to look at the little things. They make a big difference!