Market Activity Oct 11-17, 2021

We are now at the peak of the fall colors. Man, it is gorgeous! I so love living in the Pacific Northwest.

Lake week in Lake Oswego the market brought us 9 new listings, 23 pending sales, and 17 sold/closed properties. Look at the market times for the pending sales. Of 23 pending sales, 15 sold in less than a week. We are still in a hot real estate market. Sellers are king and it remains a great time to sell your house.

See below for RMLS data

New on the Market Oct 11-17, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
4 Touchstone #78Condo$224,999321351
358 Cervantes CircleCondo$234,90021.5912
4610 Lower DrCondo$325,00021.51260
4301 Lakeview BlvdDetached$635,000321223
6317 Carman DrDetached$650,00031.51344
15450 Partridge DrDetached$800,00032.52624
13280 Sandalwood CtDetached$1,050,000433080
1844 Oak Knoll CtDetached$1,200,00032.53028
4305 Upper DrDetached$1,525,00042.53483

Pending Sales Oct 11-17, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
4 Touchstone #137Condo$208,500229844
47 Eagle Crest DR #86Condo$209,0001169616
350 Cervantes Circle 1 ECondo$259,90021.591210
86 Kingsgate Rd A 101Condo$265,000228497
3433 McNary Pkwy #804Condo$329,00022.511363
15330 Twin Fir RdDetached$477,0003211293
29 Greenridge CtCondo$575,0003216271
7 Saint Helens CircleDetached$599,0002212752
5944 Burma RdDetached$629,0003214094
5480 Siletz CtDetached$749,9003214902
15449 Partridge DrDetached$824,90042.528172
18 TouchstoneDetached$998,60054.543783
3000 Upper DrDetached$1,000,0003328514
16645 Fir LnDetached$1,100,00042.530666
1293 Timberline DrDetached$1,249,00033294625
3973 Childs RdDetached$1,250,00033.538612
14322 Edenberry DrDetached$1,295,00042.5326231
860 Skyland DrDetached$1,299,0004335274
2630 Rivendell RdDetached$1,399,00043.5461210
1839 Palisades Lake CtDetached$1,499,00043.545702
456 Lake Bay CtDetached$1,499,00043,545702
792 2nd StDetached$1,650,0004327868
1051 Forest Meadows WayDetached$4,149,00066.5559763

Sold/Closed Oct 11-17, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
100 Kerr Pkwy #11Condo$169,000$169,0006172
79 Oswego SummitCondo$239,000$239,0001,2122
16351 Pacific HwyDetached$485,000$524,00017422
6195 Harrington AveDetached$525,000$539,20215983
825 Oak StDetached$595,000$640,00013354
26 Preakness CtAttached$663,000$646,263165413
1682 Fircrest DrDetached$699,900$699,90023044
4954 Mulholland DrAttached$719,900$705,00024984
4085 Buck Brush LnDetached$729,000$729,00024897
20 Da Vinci StDetached$799,900$920,00030891
658 Boca Ratan DrDetached$967,000$925,0003,59312
2936 SW Orchard Hill PlDetached$998,000$979,000408961
5590 Luce LnDetached$995,000$1,0103530242
546 Weidman CtDetached$990,000$1,025,00034455
15776 Inverurie RdDetached$1,095,000$1,175,000235274
5349 Carman Grove LnDetached$1,298,000$1,250,000290322
2351 Palisades Crest DrDetached$1,500,000$1,800,00045306

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

A Stroll Around LO

Today I thought that I’d share with you some of the sights I enjoyed on this morning’s walk

Bryant Woods Nature Park
Blue Heron Canal

This is such a gorgeous community! Enjoy the beautiful weekend!


Market Activity Sept 20-Oct 3, 2021

This weeks Market Activity Report is a combinaion of the week of September 20-26 and the week of September 27-October 3. Lots of houses in this report! We had 18 new listings, 41 properties that went into pending status, and 50 sold/closed transactions.

See below of RMLS data.l

New on the Market Sept 20-Oct 3, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
350 Cervantes Circle 1ECondo$259,90025912
86 Kingsgate Rd E103Condo$355,00022924
16989 Tualatin StDetached$690,00032.51491
115 Touchstone TerrAttached$709,00043.52560
74 Condolea WayCondo$725,000332965
4322 Collins WayDetached$779,900532112
4939 Hampton CtDetached$895,00052.52971
2915 Dellwood DrDetached$899,90042.5+.53690
16164 Parker Rd #2Detached$1,098,00032.52091
3211 Westview CtDetached$1,150,00043.53325
1293 Timberline DrDetached$1,249,000332946
2600 Dellwood DrDetached$1,600,000433690
1155 Crestline CtDetached$2,195,00054.57438
19155 Bryant RdDetached$2,275,00033.53371
2493 Southshore BlvdDetached$3,699,00065.56524
13800 Goodall Rd Lot 1Detached$3,800,00053.5
13800 Goodall Rd Lot 2Detached$4,000,00053.5
13800 Goodall Rd Lot 3Detached$3,800,000-$4750,00053.5

Pending sales Sept 20-Oct 3, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
100 Kerr Pkwy #11Condo$169,000116172
100 Kerr Pkwy #2Condo$199,0002282213
108 Oswego SummitCondo$199,9001176445
47 Eagle Crest Dr #48Condo$200,000116964
316 Cervantes Circle #316Condo$220,0002183213
47 Eagle Crest Dr #56Condo$240,0003110315
44 Eagle Crest Dr #9Condo$255,0002190835
218 Ridgeway RdCondo$350,000219144
239 CervantesCondo$375,00022110048
16417 Lake Forest BlvdDetached$540,0002190835
18840 65th AveDetached$549,00032.516345
68 Weatherstone CtCondo$549,90043.5246519
1706 Boca Ratan DrAttached$568,95032.517392
20 Aquinas StDetached$649,90042.5183815
18867 Arrowwood AveDetached$659,9003214886
26 Preakness CtAttached$663,00021.5165413
4970 Mulholland DrAttached$699,00032.524983
16624 Roosevelt AveDetached$699,90032280215
14425 Holly Springs RdCondo$718,000532238108
4450 Chapman WayDetached$726,00043226215
4377 Chapman WayDetached$729,00043.529506
4848 Lower DrDetached$775,00043253127
4830 Dawn StDetached$825,0005330905
102 Garibaldi StDetached$849,00043.537247
5923 Bay Point DrDetached$899,90053318742
654 1st StCondo$979,90022.521404
546 Weidman CtDetached$990,0005334455
5532 Bay Creek DrDetached$995,00042.528693
3001 Southshore BlvdDetached$1,098,00032.5320155
14527 Pfeifer WayDetached$1,250,00043.5380314
14335 Edenberry DrDetached$1,375,00042.535947
118 Cornell CtDetached$1,399,90054.546634
3334 Upper DrDetached$1,499,00043.535888
1839 Pallisades Lake CtDetached$1,499,00043.5457023
2351 Palisades Crest DrDetached$1,500,00053.545306
18820 Green Bluff DrDetached$1,599,00044.556436
791 Briercliff LnDetached$1,599,00032.522325
3330 Cedar CtDetached$1,649,00043.5446712
13598 Goodall RdDetached$1,779,00044.5+.5357364
19379 Riverwood LnDetached$1,799,000544584125
420 Ridgeway RdDetached$4,250,000443505109

Sold/Closed Sept 20-Oct 3, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
100 Kerr Pkwy #43 Condo$214,900$222,50082341
4 Touchstone #157Condo$224,900$235,00098417
4 Touchstone #103Condo$230,000$235,00013511
3433 McNary Pkwy #211Condo$255,000$271,48010082
36 Crestfield CtCondo$295,000$272,35192148
4000 Carman Dr E70 Condo$299,900$301,0009743
422 S State StCondo$324,997$310,000165947
3886 Botticelli StCondo$315,000$315,000113220
4652 Lower DrCondo$350,000$370,00011704
162 Oswego SummitCondo$419,950$386,000150648
4 Condolea DrCondo$439,000$445,0001,3125
4528 Lower DrCondo$525,000$525,0001786$9
16691 Bonaire AveDetached$499,000$590,00011103
18431 Indian Creek DrDetached$660,000$615,000173617
12363 Clara LnDetached$699,999$650,00013903
5795 Langford LnDetached$659,000$659,00016870
211 Greenwood RdDetached$660,000$675,00014665
1959 Wembley PlDetached$719,900$685,0002128103
2697 Lookout CtDetached$720,000$700,000221929
680 TippecanoeDetached$719,900$720,00019005
3065 Royce WayDetached$825,000$726,000272646
1405 Greentree CircleDetached$775,000$775,000214623
15580 Partridge DrDetached$780,000$780,000224535
18571 Waxwing WayDetached$779,000$785,000208155
15509 Partridge DrDetached$789,900$810,00022993
759 Timberline DrDetached$825,000$812,50019285
559 2nd St 3206Condo$820,000$825,00014124
15964 White Oaks DrDetached$949,900$895,000301516
15 El Greco StDetached$949,000$949,000332824
19431 Kokanee CtDetached$849,900$950,00022144
17994 Saint Clair DrDetached$900,000$975,10039163
5316 Childs RdDetached$1,077,700$1,000,0003847318
24 Westridge DrDetached$949,900$1,007,00031004
18430 Pilkington RdDetached$1,175,000$1,085,000302177
4261 Cobb WayDetached$1,089,000$1,100,00023621
4317 Upper DrDetached$1,195,000$1,150,0003145109
1547 Pine StDetached$1,125,000$1,161,61528780
13536 Streamside DrDetached$1,150,000$1,203,00030337
14360 Uplands DrDetached$1,230,000$1,250,000257716
14495 Pfeifer DrDetached$1,399,000$1,265,900394421
17467 Westview DrDetached$1,275,000$1,312,00041194
4531 West RdDetached$1,595,000$1,400,000392654
950 Schukart LnDetached$1,468,000$1,600,00034344
467 9th StDetached$1,510,000$1,650,00029793
16650 Fir LnDetached$1,898,000$1,898,00038608
1677 Leslie LnDetached$2,550,000$2,300,0007534147
929 Cumberland RdDetached$2,495,000$2,600,00051293
1199 Fairway RdDetached$3,498,000$2,783,000552733
2470 Summit CtDetached$5,498,000$4,665,000718085
1889 Highlands LoopDetached$5,499,000$4,995,000683220

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings

What’s in a Name?

A bit of trivia about the Property Blotter. Linda and I started our blog many years ago. Blogging was new to real estate and we had the good fortune of working with someone who was in the know about how to do it. Ron Ares, the son of our principal broker was a new agent who was interviewed by the New York Times because of the blog he had for Portland real estate. I was like “What?!” At that point I had a couple of decades in the business and realized that the power of the blog was pretty incredible for the recognition that Ron got as a result of his efforts. So Linda and I were on board.

Then it was time to choose a name. We knew we wanted to have a name that was uniquely LO. We brainstormed lots of options and came up with the Property Blotter. The name comes from the Police Blotter that was published weekly in the Lake Oswego Review. The Lake Oswego Police have 100% response policy. If you call them, they show up. The police calls are then reported in the local newspaper. What they respond to can be pretty funny. So the local blotter has been a source of local entertainment for many years.

Here is a sampling of what was reported in the August 12th edition of the LO Review:

7/31 9:43 A.M.

A dead squirrel was seen near the 18400 block of Deerbrush Avenue

7/31 12:54 P.M.

A man was seen laying sideways on a step near Boones Ferry Road and Kruse Way Place

7/31 1:19 P.M.

A caller believed someone was selling dogs our of cages in a truck near the 40 block of McNary Parkway. It turned out to be a part of an adoption program.

7/31 9:34 P.M.

Someone was seen walking in the middle of the street near SW Lesser Road and Jefferson Parkway

8/1 7:00 P. M.

A resident said she was being followed by two people at a store near the 90 block of B Avenue. Police made sure she got home safely. (I love this one. Who doesn’t want a police escort if you feel unsafe?)

8/2 12:55 A.M.

Intermittent “constuction-type noises” were heard near the 1000 block of Westward Ho Road

As you can see, it can be amusing. There is actually a book that was written about the blotter. It’s a good read that I highly recommend.

I feel very fortunate to live in a community with relatively low crime and whose police department is 100% there to serve and protect. It’s one of the many things I value in my community.

My best to you,


Market Activity August 30-September 5, 2021

This is the time of year, as school starts, when the market typically starts to let off the gas a bit. I just don’t see that happening. Last week in LO we had 10 new listings, 32 properties (!) move into pending status, and 32 closed/sold. We are winding down the summer in an all steam ahead fashion.

See below for RMLS data.

New Listings Aug 30-Sept 5, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
4 Touchstone #157Condo$224,90022984
200 Burnham Rd #402Condo$355,000221305
750 1st St E27Condo$615,900221350
6472 Dawn StDetached$695,000321032
4848 Lower DrDetached$822,000432531
658 Boca Ratan DrDetached$967,00043.53593
17001 Westview DrDetached$968,500322005
16164 Parker Rd #1Detached$1,395,000543257
548 4th StAttached$1,524,90034.53186
1913 Cheryl CtDetached$1,895,00044.55341

Pending Sales Aug 30-Sept 5, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
100 Kerr Pkwy #31Condo$185,000116175
100 Kerr Pkwy #43Condo$214,9002282341
96 Cervantes CircleCondo$230,00021.59127
36 Crestfield CtCondo$279,900219213
4000 Carman Dr E70Condo$299,900229743
4652 Lower DrCondo$350,00021.511704
5101 Jean RdCondo$475,0003110125
16691 Bonaire AveDetached$499,9003111103
4528 Lower DrCondo$525,00032.517869
8 Bolivar StDetached$640,0002221492
16 Walking Woods DrDetached$649,00032.5289711
14 Preakness CtAttached$669,00022.521906
3065 Royce WayDetached$750,00042.5272646
15509 Partridge DrDetached$789,9004322993
4545 Black Forest CtDetached$799,00042.521682
759 Timberline DrDetached$835,00043292870
19431 Kokanee CtDetached$849,90042.522144
17994 Saint Clair DrDetached$900,00052.539163
920 York RdDetached$985,0004320262
2936 SW Orchard Hill PlDetached$989,00042.5408961
4261 Cobb WayDetached$1,089,0004323621
13536 Streamside DrDetached$1,150,00043.530337
15776 Inverurie RdDetached$1,299,00032235249
14495 Pfeifer DrDetached$1,299,90043394421
1687 Village Park LnDetached$1,399,00043336274
4721 Firwood RdDetached$1,425,0004332360
4531 West RdDetached$1,429,00033.5392654
16650 Fir LnDetached$1,898,00043.538608
940 Upper Devon LnDetached$1,945,00043.5484859
929 Cumberland RdDetached$2,495,00056.551293
1199 Fairway RdDetached$3,498,00044.5+.5552733
259 Pine Valley RdDetached$4,000,00044.546400

Sold/Closed Aug 30-Sept 5, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
4 Toushstone #69Condo$220,000$220,000135133
3433 McNary Pkwy #302Condo$285,000$265,0001,20812
5058 Foothills Dr ACondo$420,000$418,00012528
1 Peacock PlDetached$529,000$500,000133630
17500 Pilkington RdDetached$460,000$500,00010508
17 Aquinas StDetached$599,900$660,00021396
13198 Peters RdDetached$695,000$677,750263029
605 7th StDetached$775,000$750,00020353
4 Sherwood CtDetached$825,000$757,000287016
16901 Lakeridge DrDetached$724,000$762,50020803
1033 Spruce STDetached$765,000$775,0001,6634
18260 Indian Creek DrDetached$759,000$790,000208211
17730 Marylbrook DrDetached$850,000$840,000295114
17211 Robb PlDetached$790,000$840,00020855
491 Country Club RdDetached$865,000$850,000248697
14121 Redwood CtDetached$696,900$867,500282724
4987 Bilford LnDetached$799,900$890,00023025
19531 River Run DrDetached$899,900$975,00024405
13060 SW Elk Rock RdDetached$1,178,000$1,100,00036819
13207 Deerfield CtDetached$1,175,000$1,125,000380135
17543 Lake Haven DrDetached$1,185,000$1,125,00023339
12730 Adrian CtDetached$1,295,000$1,178,000301424
5428 Royal Oaks DrDetached$1,200,000$1,200,00049947
151 3rd St #1Condo$1,499,000$1,475,000327837
2805 Southshore BlvdDetached$1,300,000$1,553,05026233
3155 Upper DrDetached$1,599,900$1,720,00032971
2165 Ridge Point DrDetached$2,100,000$1,828,000474929
2572 Glen Eagles PlDetached$2,595,000$2,300,0006532107
18000 Eastridge LnDetached$2,495,000$2,495,00056106
17575 S Crestline DrDetached$3,500,000$2,925,000749648
3328 Lakeview BlvdDetached$6,398,000$6,175,000667518
4210 Virginia WayDetached$1,549,000$1,365,000350858

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

EcoHome LO

The City of Lake Oswego is starting a brand new program to help residents learn to live a more sustainable life by reducing their carbon footprint, engaging as good citizens, and recycling. At you can sign up to partcipate and learn details of the program.

The program is administered on line. You’ll find check lists that address:

Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Energy Conservation

Water Conservation


Social Equity

Ecological Conservation

Civic Engagement

Emergency Preparedness

Construction & Renovation

Apartments and Rental Housing

& Encouraging Others to Participate

Upon accomplishng a preset number of goals, the house will be awarded a lawn sign that states that it is an EcoHome.

I suspect that we will start to see these signs popping up in our neighborhoods, and now you know what they are all about. I also think it’s a terrific program because of what it encourages, but also because it is so comprehensive.

As always, thanks for reading the blotter,


Market Activity August 16-22, 2021

It is certainly feeling like the dog days of summer. Numbers in Lake Oswego were down last week. Still healthy, but not quite as frantic as it was just a couple of weeks ago. We had 12 houses come onto the market, 26 move into pending status, and 16 closed/sold properties.

See below for RMLS details.

New on the market August 16-22, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
44 Eagle Crest Dr #9Condo$255,00021908
53 Galen StCondo$264,90022989
4 Condolea DrCondo$439,000221312
4429 Thunder Vista LnCondo$479,90022.52002
16 Walking Woods DrDetached$649,00032.52897
5911 Carman DrDetached$695,800321400
23 TouchstoneDetached$924,900543169
1500 Morning Sky CtDetached$1,178,00053.54402
5349 Carman Grove LnDetached$1,298,000432903
572 4th StAttached$1,595,00034.53364
3411 Lake Grove AveDetached$1,675,00043.54434
15508 Diamond Head RdDetached$3,480,000343900

Pending sales August 16-22, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
108 Oswego SummitCondo$199,900117645
3433 McNary Pkwy #211Condo$255,0002210082
3433 McNary Pkwy #302Condo$265,00022.5120812
12 Oswego SummitCondo$290,00022114041
3886 Botticelli StCondo$315,00021.5113220
422 S State StCondo$324,99721165947
162 Oswego SummitCondo$399,00022150648
1589 Boca Ratan DrAttached$460,00032161119
448 5th StCondo$468,00021.510924
1700 Bonniebrae DrAttached$469,6983317396
38 Briarwood RdDetached$599,90062.5+.525546
16885 Fernwood DrDetached$639,50032162453
19 Da Vinci StDetached$650,0003218746
26 Briarwood RdDetached$665,00043.525548
17621 Arbor LnDetached$685,0003221204
680 Tippecanoe CtDetached$719,90042.519005
13366 Auburn CtAttached$750,00032.5249211
6666 Childs RdDetached$750,0003124088
1033 Spruce StDetached$765,00032.516634
15580 Partridge DrDetached$780,00032.522450
15964 White Oaks DrDetached$900,00042.5301516
511 Weidman CtDetached$995,00042.536525
5590 Luce LnDetached$995,00054353015
13366 Boones Ferry RdDetached$1,095,00042.535895
2011 Ridgewood LnDetached$1,100,00053.5311575
950 Schukarat LnDetached$1,468,00042.534344

Sold/closed August 16-22, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
4 Touchstone #74Condo$235,000$215,00013518
86 Kingsgate Rd G101Condo$265,000$299,9508402
200 Burnham Rd #305Condo$340,000$345,00013051
4141 Cobb WayDetached$485,000$450,000123718
5071 Tualata LnDetached$705,000$640,000154051
4932 Mulholland DrAttached$698,000$688,000249854
4 Pimlico TerraceDetached$690,000$720,00021003
1620 Ash StDetached$720,000$744,00022254
5101 Rosewood StDetached$665,000$768,00017364
720 8th StDetached$899,000$899,000149830
1724 Fern PlDetached$950,000$925,0002,16021
18320 Delenka LnDetached$1,115,000$975,550451967
1520 Eastview CtDetached$963,000$980,00037894
19395 Hill Top RdDetached$1,575,000$1,650,00047884
1334 Maple StDetached$1,575,000$2,100,00036606
1745 Southshore BlvdDetached$3,495,000$2,600,0005545128

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

Market Activity Aug 2-8, 2021

The market in LO is still red hot. A few weeks ago, right around July 4th, it felt like it may have slowed down a tad. Last weeks rush of new listings (20), pending sales (36!), and sold/closed properties (29) has proved that tad of a slow down was just July 4th distractions.

See below for RMLS data.

New Listings Aug 2-8, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
4 Touchstone #74Condo$235,00032.51351
3433 McNary Pkwy #302Condo$285,00022.51208
239 CervantesCondo$399,000221208
12848 Boones Ferry RdCondo$425,00022.51182
12826 Boones Ferry RdCondo$445,00022.51182
1700 Bonniebrae DrAttached$469,698331739
41 Oriole LnDetached$500,000221564
17830 Tualata AveDetached$595,000321373
17 Aquinas StDetached$599,900322139
19 Da Vinci StDetached$650,000321874
13366 Auburn CtAttached$750,00032.52492
16904 Cherry Crest AveDetached$759,000322167
1405 Greentree CircleDetached$775,00042.52146
48 SpinosaDetached$799,90043.52848
16750 Phantom Bluff CtDetached$899,000332267
5590 Luce LnDetached$995,000543530
3001 Southshore BlvdDetached$1,298,00032.53201
2950 Greentree RdDetached$1,495,00043.53691
1051 Forest Meadows WayDetached$4,149,00043.53691
12790 S Fielding RdDetached$5,600,00067.59124

Pending sales Aug 2-8, 2021

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
4 Touchstone #62Condo$204,95032.5135146
4 Cervantes CircleCondo$240,00021.591247
12 Cervantes CircleCondo$250,00021.59123
3886 Botticelli StCondo$315,00021.511324
482 S State St 3BCondo$374,00021165965
1 Peacock PlDetached$509,00032.5133630
4980 Galen StAttached$589,00022.5155228
4241 Cobb WayDetached$599,9503214848
1672 Highland DrDetached$699,9004218674
1620 Ash StDetached$720,0003222254
12 Morningview LnAttached$730,00032.527184
49 Da Vinci StDetached$739,00032235126
5466 Bay Creek DrDetached$789,0003325354
4 Sherwood CtDetached$795,00042.5287016
1580 Woodland TerDetached$835,00032.524304
18360 Tualata AveDetached$845,00052.527032
491 Country Club RdDetached$865,00042248683
14121 Redwood TerDetached$885,00043.5282724
19531 River Run DrDetached$899,90042.524405
15 El Greco StDetached$949,0004333284
1739 Palisades Terrace DrDetached$995,00042.5365411
14071 Sundeleaf DrDetached$999,0005326243
14002 Chelsea DrDetached$1,195,00042.5354732
127230 Adrian CtDetached$1,195,00042.5301424
5428 Royal Oaks DrDetached$1,200,00063.549947
14360 Uplands DrDetached$1,230,00043.5+.525775
17467 Westview DrDetached$1,275,00043.541194
2442 Palisades Crest DrDetached$1,598,00042.530714
3155 Upper DrDetached$1,599,0004332971
2165 Ridge Pointe DrDetached$1,995,00054474929
4480 Upper DrDetached$2,000,00043.534970
855 G AveDetached$2,000,00032.5371017
14500 Uplands DrDetached$2,495,00054.5+.5554474
1745 Southshore BlvdDetached$3,099,00044.55545128
1889 Highlands LoopDetached$5,499,00056.5683220
3328 Lakeview BlvdDetached$6,398,00045.5667518

Sold/Closed Aug 2-8, 2021

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
44 Eagle Crest Dr #1Condo$230,000$247,0009082
45 Eagle Crest Dr #409Condo$249,900$249,9001,2145
3882 Botticelli StCondo$289,000$287,000122420
5061 Foothills Dr CCondo$335,000$335,0009918
1509 Bonniebrae DrAttached$482,900$507,00017396
4222 Woodside CircleAttached$450,000$550,00015785
17850 Pilkington RdDetached$750,000$625,000322279
5051 Tualata LnDetached$714,900$640,000158137
6545 Childs RdDetached$600,000$650,00031341
186 D AveAttached$650,000$675,00016377
6227 Wayzata CtDetached$699,999$675,0001,2327
18426 Sandpiper WayDetached$688,000$705,00018845
3 SpinosaDetached$755,000$750,000261523
16921 Kara LnDetached$750,000$758,00023825
17802 Hillside WayDetached$838,000$790,000302623
2440 Overlook DrDetached$879,900$825,000385015
4099 Coltsfoot LnDetached$840,000$827,000316915
5675 Victoria CtDetached$825,000$885,00025634
2895 Suncreek DrDetached$749,000$910,00023795
17 Westridge DrDetached$875,000$935,000353311
19310 Riverwood LnDetached$999,000$1,092,00031921
17649 Woodhurst PlDetached$1,198,000$1,120,0003192103
2929 Glen Eagles RdDetached$1,100,000$1,300,00025274
13700 Knaus RdDetached$1,245,000$1,310,00026547
915 Cedar StDetached$1,550,000$1,520,00032193
4440 Upper DrDetached$1,899,000$1,850,000358342
18783 Stafford RdDetached$2,295,000$1,875,000147
197 Egan WayDetached$2,198,000$2,095,150676164
3183 Douglas CircleDetached$3,450,000$3,450,00055950

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings

What’s a condo? What’s a townhouse?

I think that when people think of condos and townhouses they are usually thinking of a style of construction. Townhouses are usually side-by-side without a neighbor above or below. Yes, that is common with townhouses, but there is more to it than that.

With a townhouse, you own the land below. Different home owner’s associations have different binding terms, but as a generalization, the HOA will take care of exterior mainenance and maintence of the common areas. But you usually have a small yard that you get to landscape and maintain. This also means that if something goes wrong in the crawlspace below , the homeowner is responsible. It also means that the home owner takes care of the plumbing even after it leaves the house.

With condominiums you don’t personally own the land beneath your home. Instead your home owner’s association owns it. You own the interior walls, and your HOA owns the exterior walls. It also owns and is responsible for plumbing once it leaves your unit. So with a condo, the HOA takes on more responsibilites.

How do you know the difference? It should be properly represented in the marketing, but if it’s a condo, it’s also in the legal description.

Both types of real estate have home owner’s associaitons. When you buy either a condo or a townhouse you need to thoroughly inspect the home owner’s association. You want to get copies of their rules and regulations, conditions covenants and restrictions, the reserve study (to show that they are properly saving for big ticket repair items likes roofs and windows) and get the last 12 months of the HOA meeting notes. If something is up, they should be talking about it.

So that’s a little real estate 101. As always, thanks for reading the blotter!


Middle Housing

A law was passed by the State of Oregon in 2019 that is going to have a huge impact on neighborhoods throughout the state. House Bill 2001 pretty much out lawed single-family-residential housing. The law applies to any town with a population of more than 10,000 people, thus, it very much affects Lake Oswego.

What this law does is mandate that neighborhoods that currently have single family housing must allow the construction of duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses, cottage clusters and accessory dwelling units.

There is an affordable housing crisis in our state and I completely understand the logic behind this law. When I look for the positive outcomes it will create, I think about people who want to build a dwelling for aging parents. I think of people who would benefit from some rental income. I think of people who need a place to live and simply can not afford the current rents or are not in a poslition to buy. This law will have quite a few positive benefits.

But I also think about what our neighborhoods currentlly look like. How will I feel if a duplex gets built next door? I hope I’ll feel ok, but, being honest, I’m just not sure. This law will have to come into affect and play out before I’ll know how I truly feel.

The City of Lake Oswego is approaching this change in a two phase process. The first phase has been completed. The city reveiwed current neighborhood plans and development codes, created and received results of a community-wide survey, and met with neighborhood association chairs to understand neighborhood characteristics and what communities value most.

The second phase is happening now. The city is exploring options for potential code changes and getting advice from a committee that has been formed. This committee was appointed by the city council and is called the Middle Housing Code Advisory Committee. They are meeting between now and the end of September. After they provide advice to the city council, the city will seek further feedback from neighborhood associaitons and the broader community.

For more information visit or contact Eric Olson, Senior Planner, at or 503-697-6524.

There’s nothing so certain as change, that’s for sure.