Market Activity ~ July 25-31, 2022

Last week Lake Oswego saw 17 properties enter the market, 16 move to Pending status and 13 Sold/Closed. Right now there are 126 properties ranging from $188,000 to $11.5 Mil.

Here is the breakdown:

NEW July 25-31, 2022

AddressList PriceBedsBathsSFProp Type
5055 FOOTHILLS DR #79$429,900321252CONDO
5788 SW LANGFORD LN$650,000221598DETACHD
13371 PETERS RD$775,00032.12295DETACHD
18690 WOOD DUCK WAY$775,000321895DETACHD
439 LIVINGOOD LN$814,00032.12540DETACHD
17721 OVERLOOK CIR$890,00042.13172DETACHD
2711 Greentree RD$969,900433241DETACHD
346 LAKE BAY CT$1,075,00042.11900DETACHD
18010 GIMLEY CT$1,200,00053.13652DETACHD
165 FURNACE ST, Grnd$1,299,99922.12023CONDO
4360 WEST BAY RD$1,300,000432636DETACHD
17291 CEDAR RD$1,650,00054.12872DETACHD
15791 TWIN FIR RD$2,095,00043.14035DETACHD
1131 NORTHSHORE RD$2,100,000433850DETACHD
162 BERWICK RD$3,295,00044.14657DETACHD
13151 THOMA RD$4,500,00055.15461DETACHD

PENDING July 25-31, 2022

AddressList PriceBedsBathsSFProp TypeDays
61 CHURCH ST$240,00021.11040ATTACHD3
3822 BOTTICELLI ST$344,900321171CONDO5
289 CERVANTES$563,00032.11406ATTACHD4
4268 WOODSIDE CIR$589,900421944ATTACHD33
16532 SW Mellon AVE$625,00041.11760DETACHD5
18690 WOOD DUCK WAY$775,000321895DETACHD0
16875 FERNWOOD DR$780,000422460DETACHD28
12562 SW ORCHARD HILL RD$937,00042.12574DETACHD5
2777 GLEN HAVEN RD$1,200,00032.12560DETACHD52
11 DA VINCI ST$1,295,00053.13770DETACHD46
14383 FOSBERG RD$1,995,00043.14543DETACHD79
15868 PARKER RD$2,100,00053.13679DETACHD33
1131 NORTHSHORE RD$2,100,000433850DETACHD2
1250 SW Englewood DR$2,499,00033.15097DETACHD11
4929 Park Bluff PL$2,600,00043.14067DETACHD
2493 SOUTHSHORE BLVD$3,200,00065.17561DETACHD292

SOLD July 25-31, 2022

AddressOpeningClosedBedsBathsSFProp TypeDays
12868 BOONES FERRY RD$495,000$500,00022.11136CONDO18
885 MCVEY AVE$569,000$570,000311341DETACHD19
1561 WOODLAND TER$825,000$790,00032.12184DETACHD16
13160 PRINCETON CT$949,000$825,00042.13252DETACHD42
4965 MULHOLLAND DR$775,000$827,50022.12468ATTACHD2
1841 CLOVERLEAF RD$825,000$832,000532190DETACHD5
29 DEL PRADO ST$1,050,000$1,044,000423037DETACHD12
2964 OVERLOOK DR$1,200,000$1,060,00052.13731DETACHD30
7 SCARBOROUGH DR$1,150,000$1,250,00042.13314DETACHD1
1025 SCHUKART LN$2,050,000$1,795,000434233DETACHD44
3001 WESTVIEW CT$1,850,000$1,805,00043.14317DETACHD26
697 LAKE BAY CT$2,595,000$2,150,00044.13715DETACHD37
720 6TH ST$2,300,000$2,200,00043.14601DETACHD11
Criteria: Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings (***We’ve used “Days” in each category for ease of understanding) .

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