Tree City USA

This year is the 32nd year that Lake Oswego has maintained the designation of “Tree City USA”. To have this designation a city must maintain four standards: have a Tree Board that brings together Parks, Recreation, and a Natural Resources Advisory Board; have a tree ordinance; spend a minimum of $2 per capita on urban forest management; and proclaim and celebrate Arbor Day annually.

Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, and April is Arbor Month. There are numerous ways that Lake Oswego is celebrating.

Tree Pruning Workshop

April 24th, 10am to 12pm, at the Pavilion at Foothills Park. Due to covid, attendance is limited and pre-registration is required. Pruning and maintaining trees is crucial, not just for the health of the tree, but truly for the safety of the home. Our big ice storm last month was a perfect example. Lake Oswego has lots and lots of trees. That ice storm took down so many limbs and many of those limbs were distructive to property, not to mention the power outages. At my home, we had an arborist clean up our trees about 5 years ago. I have 5 huge trees on my property. In the ice storm, not one limb came down. Not one. To register for this workshop telephone 503-635-0290 or email The class is free

Lake Grove Swim Park

Gnomes in Nature

Gnomes are being hidden at three parks: Foothills, River Run, and Stevens Meadows. The gnomes have names: Blossom, Greenie, and Oak. Between now and October get out to enjoy the parks and when you find a gnome, take your picture with the gnome and post it to social media using the hashtag #LOparksgnomes. Each time you post this hashtag you will be entered into a contest to win your very own gnome. Did you know that LO has over 460 acres of natural park areas? Visit for park locations, gnome clues, and to learn more about each gnome.

Heritage Trees

Lake Oswego has annually been designating trees as “Heritage Trees” for 40 years. They are magnificent and each year when a tree is designated I like to go and see it. Most are on private property, so viewing them is done from the street, but wow, they are gorgeous. This years tree is a 55′ tall Japanese Zelkova that measures 6′ 10″ in circumference and has a crown with a 60′ spread. It is located at 3209 Lake Grove Blvd. To see a complete list of the Heritage Trees and where they are located, visit

I honestly think that people move to Oregon, not just Lake Oswego, because they love the natural beauty and being in the outdoors. We’re now moving into the time of year when going outside is such a pleasure! I’m proud that my city, Lake Oswego, knows this and values its natural resources. Three cheers for LO and Tree City USA!


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