What’s in the Blotter?

Linda and I have been writing this blog for a very long time. I would say at least 10 years. When we started this blog we wanted to name it after something uniquely associated with Lake Oswego. We chose The Property Blotter, which was a reference to the column in the local newspaper, The Lake Oswego Review. The column was called the Blotter. It lists every call to the Lake Oswego Police from the previous week. Bear in mind that LO is famous for having low crime, and a very well funded police department. Thus, many of the calls are a source of light humor.

With this in mind, I thought I’d give you a taste of this week’s police blotter, now known as the Police Log:

8/7 1:36 p.m. A resident said she was concerned about her elderly neighbor who had to use a double key deadbolt to get out of the gate to her condo near the 30 block of Condolea Drive. She worried the neighbor wouldn’t be able to get out in an emergency.

8/7 2:37 p.m. A caller said a dog showed up on their porch near the 14000 block of Goodall Road.

8/7 2:55 p.m. Kids were seen boxing near the 15500 block of Waluga Drive.

8/7 4:35 p.m. A man was seen yelling at buildings while walking in a parking lot near the 5000 block of Foothills Road.

8/7 6:26 p.m. A woman wondered if she was allowed to park her boat in her driveway for the winter.

8/7 7:33 p.m. A resident said a man was standing in grass and staring at his house near Overlook Drive and Stafford Road. Apparently this was an ongoing issue, with the man standing there “for hours.” It turned out the man worked for a care facility and he went across the street to smoke away from residents.

8/7 11:57 p.m. A resident said a “fugitive” was in their backyard and under the deck at an undisclosed location. Police found no one under the deck, though they did notice bird seeds on the ground and evidence of rats. Under the deck, a vent leading to a crawl space was missing, and the noise could have been from rats or a raccoon.

8/8 4:06 p.m. A caller said a skunk was dying in his yard and it needed to be put down near the 800 block of Clara Court.

And so goes the high drama of life in LO. We have it pretty good here when we have a police department who will answer the call about a dying skunk. I do love LO.

Enjoy your week.

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