L.O. Weather Information ~ Our Neck of the Woods….

sunOut of state and wondering what you can expect for weather in Lake Oswego after your big move?  Planning your house-hunting trip and wondering what you can expect?   I’ve added a few tidbits of information for you below to help give a better picture of life in Lake Oswego… weather-wise.

My personal experience in Lake Oswego is that July varies from cloudy days here & there to weeks of cobalt blue skies, ranging from a high of 70 degrees to the 90’s. We spend most of the month of  August in the 90’s with some 80’s thrown in here & there and the occasional 100… that’s based on the last few years, and/but the table below lists the “normal” high temps in Lake Oswego in August at 80 degrees. So, we then get into definitions of “normal” : )  Anyway, it came from AccuWeather.com . This site also shows you the pollen index and other helpful data such as yesterday’s weather breakdown:

Normal High: 45°F
Normal Low: 34°F
Normal Average: 40°F
Normal High: 50°F
Normal Low: 36°F
Normal Average: 43°F
Normal High: 56°F
Normal Low: 39°F
Normal Average: 47°F
Normal High: 60°F
Normal Low: 42°F
Normal Average: 51°F
Normal High: 67°F
Normal Low: 47°F
Normal Average: 57°F
Normal High: 72°F
Normal Low: 53°F
Normal Average: 63°F
Normal High: 80°F
Normal Low: 57°F
Normal Average: 68°F
Normal High: 80°F
Normal Low: 58°F
Normal Average: 69°F
Normal High: 75°F
Normal Low: 53°F
Normal Average: 64°F
Normal High: 64°F
Normal Low: 45°F
Normal Average: 55°F
Normal High: 52°F
Normal Low: 40°F
Normal Average: 46°F
Normal High: 45°F
Normal Low: 35°F
Normal Average: 40°F

Now, the Farmers Almanac is ‘Old Faithful’ as far as weather goes.  This link will allow you to look at any date in Portland (they don’t call out Lake Oswego, but hey, it’s close). It will also give you precipitation and pressure data.

If you’d like blow-by-blow information on Lake Oswego weather, WeatherForYou.com will accommodate with detailed forecasts & hour-by-hour breakdowns for the previous 48-hour period.  Then there is detailed morning & evening information for  every day in the forecast at City-Data.com

Most of these sites will challenge you with advertising, but I hope some of them prove helpful prior to your next trip to Lake Oswego.  Remember, if you are heading this way, you can always email Dianne or myself to find out whether you will need to bring your bathing suit or sweater.  It’s the summer home-buying season, and we’re really enjoying working with all of our Property Blotter readers. We look forward to meeting you soon as well.  Gotta run…. houses to show!

It’ Hot Out There! Stay Cool.

In Lake Oswego we are enjoying the warmth of summertime as much as any other Oregon residents, and maybe a little more in some ways! Here, we are very lucky to have some great summertime swimming options… you know, lake and all : ) It’s true, most of the lake is privately owned and not generally accessible to the public, but Lake Oswego has two public swim parks on the lake, and access on the Willamette River as well as a smattering of neighborhood pools that are membership-based, and a pool at Lake Oswego High School that is open to all.

Here is a breakdown of the main swimming options for Lake Oswego residents this summer:

• Lake Oswego Swim Park – 250 Ridgeway Road – Operated by L.O. Parks & Recreation – Open to Lake Oswego residents July through August, noon – 6PM daily (weather permitting) – Lifeguards on duty – No charge for admission.

• Lake Grove Swim Park – 3900 Lakeview Blvd – Operated by the Lake Oswego School District – Open June through Labor Day – For information on Entry Requirements call 503 635 0355, or 503 534 2000.

Lake Oswego School District Swim Pool – 2400 Hazel Road (Lake Oswego High School Campus) – For complete schedule including information on Open Swim as well as lessons: lap swim, Red Cross programs, synchro swim, diving, aerobics, etc., call 503 534 2330.

If you just LOVE swimming, and you or your children want to get even more involved, check out the Lake Oswego Swim Club. It operates from the Lake Oswego School District Pool at Lake Oswego High School. You may contact Dan Gipe at gipes@earthlink.net or 503-244-7349 for more information. Visit: www.lakeoswegoswimclub.org for details.

The Charlie S. Brown Water Sports Center (WSC) is located on the scenic Willamette River in Roehr Park. It is owned by the City of Lake Oswego and operated by Lake Oswego Community Rowing. Rowing and sculling classes for both adults and youth are offered. Obtain more information about hours, fees, classes and requirements at: http://www.ci.oswego.or.us/parksrec/WSC.HTM

So… stay cool. Have fun. Investigate these options as you enjoy summertime in Lake Oswego!