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Market Activity Report for Dec 26, 2016 - Jan 01, 2017

Happy New Year! And welcome 2017.
I hope you all have had wonderful holidays, but now that the festivities are over it is time to get back into the old grind. It is so difficult to get back to work after taking some time off for holidays, that’s for sure!

The market did slow down quite a […]

Happy New Year

As we wind down 2016, and prepare to ring in 2017, I want to share with you some of the most gorgeous photos of our fine city that I have ever seen. These were taken about 2 weeks ago during our big snow and ice event by Clifford Paguio Jr. They are shared with his […]

Market Activity Report Dec 5 - 11th, 2016

Hello everybody, and Happy Holidays!
I hope you all have been enjoying the snow! I heard on the radio: one of the DJs was saying that Portlanders aren’t too good at driving in the snow, or ice, or even rain sometimes for that matter. It kind of made me chuckle. I hope you all have been […]

News & Notes ~ Oct 2016 #'s

A little news for you (+ Oct data below)~

Good news! Conforming Loan limits are rising.  Here’s a little excerpt from a piece in Realtor Magazine:

The federal government is increasing the limit for conforming mortgages from $417,000 to $424,100 in most regions of the United States starting Jan. 1, 2017, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced […]

Market Activity Report for November 7 - 11th, 2016

Hey everybody!
I hope your November has been awesome. Have you all noticed that the grocery stores have almost completely skipped Thanksgiving? Like what is up with that? I feel like I was just in Halloween land at the Albertsons and now suddenly its Christmas!
In any case, the real estate market has maintained a steady rhythm. […]

News & Notes - Sept 2016

Here are the latest/September numbers for the entire Portland area (and Lake Oswego details below):

According to the RMLS Market Action Report for the Portland Metro Area, September, 2016:

There were 3,673 New Listings in September which was down a whopping 12.6% from August, and up 7.3% from September of 2015.
At 2,823, September Closed Sales were also down 5.9% from August’s 3,001, and down 6.2% from September of 2015’s 3,010.
September Pending Sales (Accepted Offers), at 2,857 were […]

Market Activity Report Oct 10th - 23rd, 2016

Hello everybody! I hope your October is wonderful!
I keep having our tree out front dump a bunch of leaves all over my car. I feel like I wash it and suddenly its covered in leaves again, isn’t fall great!? Haha.
These last few weeks we saw plenty of activity, especially with condos. The house on 9 […]

Our Growing Population

If you have lived in the Portland metro area for the last 5 years or so you have seen first hand how much our population is growing. I know I have mentioned in previous blog posts the United Van Lines survey that comes out each year showing where in the United States people are moving […]

Auto Draft

…Let’s see… How about a few words from one of my favorite resources?


We dodged another bullet this past week when the Federal Reserve Board kept the Federal Funds Rate (the Overnight Lending Rate) the same, despite three months of chatter in financial markets that the Board had waited too long to raise rates and would […]

Market Activity for September 19 - 25th, 2016

Hey everybody, hope that the ease into fall has been good. I certainly noticed as soon as there were leaves everywhere! But with the change in temperature comes cold season. So make sure to keep your homes nice and warm, and stock up on good tea!

18 New listings, 25 pending, 14 sold homes!

Following is the […]