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Happy 4th Of July - Enjoy Your Weekend!

Posted by Oregon First on Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Bit About Basements

Most homes built before 1930 have basements. For Realtors and Appraisers, the existence of basements square footage is a bit of a conundrum. Should it be included in the square footage of the house? How valuable is it? Well, that depends…

First, some history on basements. I learned this from my favorite home inspector. A century […]

Run, Ride, Walk Around the Lake

This is a re-post of one I did many years ago. It will give you the directions for exercising with a trip around the lake. Please be sure to observe social distancing. We are getting some beautiful weather and getting outside to enjoy it is a real treat.

Absolutely one of the best features of […]

What Renewal Looks Like in 2020

Rod Long

As we all slow down a bit, most of us celebrate renewal this time of year with Easter, Passover or other traditions.  As I was out showing properties today, I was noticing the way we really are all in this together. Standing six feel apart with our masks on, I slowly and carefully remove […]

Hoping for an Aquatics Center

Not including the 6 years I lived in Lake Oswego as a teenager, I have been living in Lake Oswego for 22 years. In all of that time, I have been wanting a decent swim center. I don’t swim regularly, I’m a walker, but I do love to swim. I think the reason I don’t […]

Real Estate in the Time of COVID

Dear Property Blotter Readers,

Dianne and I are thinking of you during this challenging moment & wishing health and peace to you and yours. I hope this is a time of staying at home with your loved ones & enjoying some things you usually don’t get to enjoy.

I’m told by my trusted Mortgage Advisors that mortgage […]

News & Notes ~ Feb Numbers 2020

Here is your look at the most recent data for the entire Portland area (February 2020) and how Lake Oswego fits in to this picture just below.

Inventory remains low and Buyers are out en force. Interest rates have taken a steep dive and that is fueling this busy season as well. We’ve got increases in […]

Big Zone Change

Last year the Oregon legislature passed two zoning laws that are going to have big impact on every town in Oregon that has a population of over 10,000 people.

House bill 2001 requires towns with more than 10,000 to allow “middle housing” in neighborhoods that have previously been zoned for single family dwellings. Middle housing […]

Oswego Heritage Council

I am a big fan of history and I really appreciate it when it is well preserved and appreciated. Lake Oswego history is quite fascinating. The town was originally founded as a result of the discovery of iron ore in hills where Iron Mountain Drive now runs. The ore was brought down out of the […]

Wishes of Peace

Dianne and I wish you and yours the happiest holiday ever!  Enjoy those things you treasure most, indulge in your fondest memories and go ahead… have that food that you usually do not. We wish for you that deep feeling of contentment that comes from the memories or the people or the combination of it […]