Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda and I want to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Even in these challenging times we have so much to be thankful for. We live in a great country that provides us with opportunities. We live in a great community that appreciates diversity and values all lives. We enjoy our family and friends, and even though we can not be close to them this year, we hold them close in our hearts.

Thanksgiving message with pumpkins on a blue background

Linda and I are giving thanks for you, our readers. We appreciate that you take the time to read the blotter and that you are as eager to learn about real estate as Linda and I are eager to share.

There will not be a market activity report this week. Next week’s report will combine two weeks: last week and this.

Enjoy the holiday!

Advice for Every Buyer

I originally found this list of advice at Realtor.com and it was directed at first-time home buyers. But I think it good advice for every buyer, first time, second, seasoned investor, this advice is great for any and all buyers.

Always always always get a house inspection. Always.

Even if the house looks perfect. It can be brand new and still have flaws. In fact, the longest repair addendum I had ever written was for a brand new home in Tigard. It was a gorgeous house, but this builder was building out an entire street. He had his crews on a production schedule that they had to be finished with a house by a specified date in order to progress to the next lot. There was just so much unfinished stuff. Insulation was missing in part the attic. Roof vents were missing screens. Caulking was missing at the back of the kitchen sink. Catching these items while the crews were still in the neighborhood made it easy to bring the workers back in and to get every last item finished correctly.

Don’t forget to also get inspections for radon, the sewer line, asbestos, in-ground tanks, or any other issue that comes along and reflects the age of the house.

Step away from the computer and get pre-approved.

With the Internet giving us easy access to information, it is super easy to do lots of house shopping on your own. It’s also easy to play with mortgage calculators and come up with what you think you can afford. But there comes a time when you need to start working with professionals. In particular, get pre-approved for any financing that you may need. Work with a real person who is local. The on-line lenders, who shall remain nameless in this post, do not have a good reputation for service. In a multiple offer situation, a buyer using a National, on-line lender may be at a disadvantage to a buyer using a local mortgage company with someone who is the point person through the process. Then find yourself a great Realtor. Experienced professionals will be able to guide you to make the process as painless and successful as possible. I also recommend starting with finding a Realtor and then they can give you contact information for great lenders that they know from experience will take good care of you. Both Linda and I have lenders we love to recommend.

Never miss a deadline.

Your Realtor will be keeping track of the deadlines that you need to meet as far as depositing earnest money and completing inspections. You need to be responsible for meeting deadlines with your lender. When they ask you for paperwork, provide it quickly. If you fail to meet the deadlines that your lender sets, you are compromising the chances of closing on time. You have an obligation to cooperate and be as timely as possible.

Choose a lender you like.

I recommend interviewing at least three. This doesn’t mean making applications with all three. It means having a conversation with them. You are going to be sharing very personal information with them about your finances. Your need to have a rapport with them. Find someone who makes it easy and who works for you. Do they return phone calls quickly? Do they answer your questions in a way that you understand?

Summon reserves of patience.

Finding the right house may take time. You may find that you are in situations with multiple offers and your offer may not be chosen. You may get an offer accepted and then have a bad inspection that forces you to end the deal. You may find that at the time of closing a situation comes up that creates a delay. Any number of issues can happen. Go into the home buying experience and pre-set your thinking with the idea that you will exercise patience and allow the process to happen. It will lower the stress and make the entire journey better.

I hope you have found this advice useful. As always, Linda and I are here to help.


Market Activity November 2-8, 2020

Last week in Lake Oswego there were 12 properties that came onto the market, 17 that received offers that were accepted and went into pending status, and 24 sold/closed houses or condos.

See below of breakdown of the RMLS data.

New on the Market, November 2-8, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
45 Eagle Crest Dr #100Condo$295,000321537
16250 Pacific Hwy #73Condo$325,000221305
4584 Trillium WoodsAttached$739,90032.52179
4984 Bilford LnDetached$750,000322629
2395 Greentree RdDetached$779,90052.52777
5322 Carman Grove LnDetached$899,00032.52615
14218 Kimberly CircleDetached$916,50042.53272
2934 Tolkien LnDetached$974,80053.53851
6 Essex CtDetached$998,000444338
1156 Cherry LnDetached$1,345,00053.54084
5349 Washington CtDetached$1,350,00043.53906
18277 Crestline DrDetached$3,100,00045.56892

Pending sales, November 2-8, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
47 Eagle Crest Dr #62Condo$229,00031.5102677
4636 Lower DrCondo$259,90021.511708
65 Oswego SummitCondo$274,9002211404
668 McVey Ave #85Condo$274,90021.59924
34 Wheatherstone #17Condo$379,90032.5169226
16342 Kimball StDetached$525,00031.5125036
17020 Denny CtDetached$535,000221704150
127 Greenwood RdDetached$550,00031120113
77 Greenridge CtAttached$584,90032.5219011
4380 Douglas WayDetached$599,9503213647
2290 Overlook DrDetached$725,00042.530953
18225 65th AveDetached$730,00052.5221037
4311 Orchard WayDetached$850,00032.528043
13745 Cameo CtDetached$924,50044284678
5087 Lakeview BlvdDetached$1,200,00043.529570
527 Northshore RdDetached$1,800,0003224331
4321 Southshore BlvdDetached$3,950,00054.56731118

Sold/Closed, November 2-8, 2020

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
72 Galen StCondo$182,500$182,5006903
16250 Pacific Hwy #80Condo$239,000$199,000841165
6930 Montauk CircleCondo$235,000$235,00092412
287 CervantesCondo$279,900$292,50011444
245 CervantesCondo$299,900$299,90012923
4340 BotticelliCondo$399,999$377,9002285160
4520 Lower Dr A-1Condo$459,900$465,00017508
668 McVey Ave #51Condo$525,000$525,0008524
200 Burnham Rd #311Condo$639,000$540,000189463
86 Greenridge CtAttached$599,000$590,0002718109
2165 Ridge Pointe DrDetached$650,000$691,75047495
4007 Brian CtDetached$689,000$705,00022821
13998 Westcott CtDetached$849,900$840,00027279
345 E AveDetached$899,000$910,00015822
5871 Ridgetop CtDetached$975,000$975,00035433
2100 Summit DrDetached$849,900$995,00023585
428 C AveAttached$1,149,888$1,175,000260782
877 9th StDetached$1,450,000$1,438,00029324
289 G AveDetached$1,499,000$1,450,0004193374
18035 Skyland CircleDetached$1,595,000$1,530,000389315
711 7th StDetached$1,829,000$1,675,000276352
18230 River Edge LnDetached$1,790,000$1,750,000460817
129 Furnace StCondo$1,995,000$1,835,0004911135
1099 Terrace DrDetached$2,495,000$2,385,000469545

Criteria: Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

A Tribute

Today I want to share with you something personal, and yes, it does have to do with real estate. You see, my Mom passed away on October 16th. If you have ever worked with me, you’ve heard me talk about my Mom. So this isn’t new to you. But if you haven’t worked with me, I feel a need to tell you about the best Realtor I have ever known.

My Mom got her real estate license in 1976. She was raised in an era when she wanted to major in business at Oregon State, but as a woman she had to major in “Secretarial Sciences”. Seriously. But she had a head for business. She hung her license at Shelter Properties on Boones Ferry Rd in Lake Grove. There she got her feet on the ground and at one time, after listing an entire new subdivision, got chewed out for besting a more prominent agent, a bit of a diva, for beating her out with most new listings for the month.

She moved on to Professionals 100. In 1987, after the birth of my daughter, I was agonizing over having to put my baby into daycare 5 days a week. I had a back ground in sales. I had actually been a sales trainer for a health club organization. My Mom’s business was booming. She was the leading sales agent in the metro area for Great Western Savings and Loan. She was handling their foreclosure properties and she had just been handed about 20 properties to list and sell. She needed help. She called me up and asked if, perhaps, my husband would consider coming to work for her. My reaction? My husband, what about me? That’s when I started my real estate career. It was 33 years ago. I’ve never looked back.

At first, I was her assistant. As I gained experience, we became a team. Then, as she approached retirement, she became my assistant. It’s probably the best possible circumstance in which to be in this business. You see, real estate has a lot of moving parts. So many people are involved: the buyer, the seller, the inspector, the appraiser, the lender. This means that it’s complicated and no two transactions are the same. As Realtors, we need sounding boards, people we respect and rely on to help us navigate complex circumstances so that we can give our clients the best advice possible, for their benefit, not for out own.

About the time that my Mom retired, I met Linda. She and I have known each other for at least 15 years. She calls me, I call her, she filled that void that opened up when my Mom retired. I don’t know how anyone can be in this business without a confidant.

So yes, I’m grieving. But I’m grateful. How lucky am I to have had Mom who, along with giving me life and raising me, gave me a career?

Today I want to salute my Mom. Oh what a wonderful woman she was!


Market Activity October 19-25, 2020

We had a burst of new listings in Lake Oswego last week with 23 properties coming onto the market. That’s about 30% more than recent previous weeks. We also had 20 properties that accepted offers and went into pending status. 20 properties became closed sales. Those numbers are very balanced. I’d call the market stable from every angle.

See below for an explanation of the RMLS data.

New listings October 19-25, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
4000 Carman Dr #79Condo$270,00022993
16377 Kimball StDetached$389,000311200
206 Greenridge DrAttached$475,000321392
16246 Parker RdDetached$479,900321280
98 Kingsgate RdDetached$510,00032.51727
15500 Boones WayDetached$535,000321309
1705 Conifer DrDetached$539,00031.51850
127 Greenwood RdDetached$550,000311201
4362 Galewood StDetached$558,00032.51684
621 9th StDetached$649,000222214
17061 Crestview DrDetached$649,900422216
1202 Spruce StDetached$735,00022.51706
1604 Country Club RdDetached$800,00043.53878
5185 Woodcrest LnDetached$835,00032.52554
1216 Spruce StDetached$840,00032.52066
6 Yorick StDetached$849,950533116
17649 Woodhurst PlDetached$1,000,00064.55669
6441 Mission CtDetached$1,165,000433201
6155 McEwan RdDetached$1,250,000533728
312 9th StDetached$1,350,00032.52686
16234 Waluga DrDetached$1,395,00053.53130
45 Nanson SummitDetached$1,430,00044.55874
1132 Troon RdDetached$2,450,00043.54165

Pending sales October 19-25, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
4615 Lakeview BlvdCondo$242,5001175337
668 McVey Ave #65Condo$315,0001163638
5059 Foothills Dr ECondo$325,0002299127
5626 Fernbrook WayDetached$489,00031.5125059
5136 Jean RdDetached$495,00032141221
13679 Johnson TerraceDetached$515,000219176
4102 Buck Brush LnDetached$697,0004322053
4045 Melissa DrDetached$699,90042.5252940
17897 Sundown CtDetached$699,90053375599
312 4th StAttached$720,00022.5173122
12436 Orchard Hill RdDetached$725,00042.528918
7 Falstaff StDetached$729,00052.524841
5124 Rosewood StDetached$739,90043.5351639
634 Carrera LnDetached$750,00042.532824
13947 Majestic CtDetached$799,90043.528223
13453 Streamside DrDetached$839,00032.529325
14360 Trillium CtDetached$860,000533558122
6463 Mission CtDetached$1,165,00033.53547290
3131 Wembly Park RdDetached$1,344,50043.53597147
289 G AveDetached$1,499,00063.54193160

Sold/closed Sales October 19-25, 2020

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
126 Oswego SummitCondo$195,000$190,00076430
4000 Carmen Dr A-16Condo$264,900$257,0001,02548
4642 Lower DrCondo$275,000$260,000126033
213 Oswego SummitCondo$312,700$312,70013834
6073 Harrington AveDetached$429,900$414,000105034
16878 Canyon DrDetached$599,500$599,500229836
5885 Dove CtDetached$599,900$610,00017957
18706 Bryant RdDetached$655,000$630,000248999
2 Mozarteum CtDetached$705,000$715,00021924
5335 Westfield CtDetached$899,900$826,000312225
2146 Summit DrDetached$850,000$830,00025923
18857 Indian Springs CircleDetached$839,900$842,90025729
17931 Meadowlark LnDetached$899,900$889,900438514
3200 Upper DrDetached$900,000$900,00025424
19457 35th CtDetached$959,000$915,000353840
3343 Fir Ridge RdDetached$1,100,000$975,000343023
717 8th StDetached$1,235,000$1,133,800258454
3080 Westview CircleDetached$1,299,000$1,273,000347338
17522 Bryant RdDetached$1,399,000$1,325,000354539
13744 Knaus RdDetached$1,450,000$1,450,00036678

Criteria: Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

Market Activity Oct 3-11, 2020

Last week in Lake Oswego the market kept chugging right along. We had 13 properties come onto the market, 38 received accepted offers and went into pending status, and 19 sold/closed sales.

See below for an explanation of the RMLS data

New on the market Oct 3-11, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
344 Cervantes CircleCondo$223,00021.5921
668 McVey Ave #83Condo$259,00021.5992
34 Wheatherstone #17Condo$399,00032.51692
17841 Westview DrDetached$739,000422448
4681 Trillium WoodsAttached$749,00032.52185
13903 Sundeleaf DrDetached$750,000422496
17421 Brookhurst DrDetached$899,90043.53756
27 Juarez StDetached$998,00053.54889
1891 Palisades Lake CtDetached$1,425,00044.55389
1947 Summit DrDetached$1,795,00045.55570
907 Terrace DrDetached$3,000,00064.5+.5+.57296
1405 Country CommonsDetached$3,150,00054.5+.56522
3917 Southshore BlvdDetached$5,200,00044.5+.55083

Pending sales Oct 3-11, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
72 Galen StCondo$182,500116903
92 Cervantes CircleCondo$205,00021.591236
15938 Quarry Rd A-6Condo$235,000219914
4 Touchstone #70Condo$245,00032.51351136
5225 Jean Rd #506Condo$255,0002211002
45 Eagle Crest Dr #401Condo$285,00032134840
4107 Jefferson PkwyCondo$325,00022.5150732
15486 Brianne CtAttached$375,00022.512468
18275 Terry CtDetached$459,90031.512702
1001 Cedar StDetached$499,00042.5257228
5713 Kenny StDetached$499,9003213844
937 Country Club RdDetached$503,50021165023
19167 Longfellow AveDetached$525,0003217826
12 Saint Helens CircleDetached$525,00032178029
4862 Indian Creek CtDetached$534,9003213904
86 Greenridge CtAttached$597,00043.52718109
14863 Twin Fir CtDetached$610,00032164877
1427 Aspen STDetached$635,00042231915
4420 Galewood StDetached$649,00032.520784
2165 Ridge Pointe DrDetached$650,0004347495
312 4th StAttached$720,00022.517133
300 4th StAttached$724,90022.5173159
4388 Snowbrush CtDetached$799,000543928153
100 D AveAttached$825,00022.5184729
2100 Summit DrDetached$849,9003323585
345 E AveDetached$899,0003215822
2885 Dellwood DrDetached$924,90043.5374978
5690 Bay Creek DrDetached$969,00042.532684
5871 Ridgetop CtDetached$975,00042.535433
17641 Brookhurst DrDetached$989,00042.534705
2900 Upper DrDetached$1,040,00032227228
2701 Glen Haven RdDetached$1,085,0003231343
1507 Cedar STDetached$1,099,90032.5250567
428 C AveAttached$1,149,88833260712
18320 Meadowlark LnDetached$1,577,00044.5+.56054159
1588 View Lake CtDetached$1,995,00042.5+.544294
19025 Hill Top RdDetached$2,199,50054.55366215
15607 Village DrDetached$2,589,00053.55407230

Sold/Closed sales Oct 3-11, 2020

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
90 Galen StCondo$149,900$150,4005524
16200 Pacific Hwy #24Condo$357,900$300,0001,190164
21 Britten CtAttached$429,000$445,00019724
6136 Fernbrook CircleDetached$449,900$482,50012505
5767 Baliene StDetached$499,900$514,900116045
5907 Kenny StDetached$499,900$530,00012831
2823 Orchard Hill PlDetached$550,000$567,50023024
2735 Greentree RdDetached$579,900$590,00016167
620 Tippecanoe CtDetached$649,900$650,00017189
875 Boca Ratan DrDetached$749,000$675,000250224
4403 Oakridge RdAttached$760,000$719,000205255
16419 Lexington CtDetached$739,000$725,00024099
5269 Denton DrDetached$940,000$950,00031733
1149 Cherry LnDetached$1,050,000$1,015323112
408 Northshore RdDetached$1,395,000$1,3253753254
1318 Horseshoe CurveDetached$1,425,000$1,42537153
18147 Pilkington RdDetached$1,796,000$1,660463615
305 Chandler PLDetached$2,850,000$2,700533443
757 Lake Shore RdDetached$3,089,000$2,995409872

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

Featured Property: 45 Eagle Crest #212

I am super excited to tell you about this wonderful condo in the Eagles Crest Condominiums. It is 780 square feet with 1 bedroom and 1 bath. It has a 26 foot deck for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. OK, those are the basics, but there are two features that make this property a stand out.

First, it has sweeping Easterly views. You look out across the metro area to the East where you can see the Willamette River and twinkling lights of the city. The owner will get to wake to sunrises and have serenity of the sky from the main rooms of the home.

Second, this Home Owner’s Association is pretty great. I’ve sold lots and lots of condos. It just isn’t very often that an HOA impresses me. This one impresses me because with all of the features it offers, the monthly fee is relatively low. For $333 a month you get a pool, sauna, party room, game room, exercise room, sauna, on-sight management, water, sewer and garbage. Then, and this is unusual, the HOA owns half a dozen guest suites. They are basically hotel rooms that you can rent if you have house guests. The rent is $50 for the first night and $20 for each subsequent night. That is a deal! Suddenly the one bedroom condo is bigger than 780 square feet.

This sweet condo is priced at just $189,900. The price makes it ideal as an investment (there is no rental cap), or for someone wanting to live in LO for under $200,000. It’s also ideal for an older person who needs easy living with no stairs. Entry into the building is on the same level as the condo. So for basic coming and going there are zero stairs. But if you do need to go downstairs to get your mail or to retrieve something from your storage unit, there is an elevator.

Please give me a call if you have any questions. I’d love to show it to you. -Dianne, 503-803-6298.

Market Activity Sept 21-27, 2020

Linda and I hope that you like the new look that the blotter has. We are pretty excited about it!

Last Week in Lake Oswego there were 15 new listings, 19 properties with accepted offers that went pending, and 26 closed sales.

See below for market details.

New on the Market Sept 21-27, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq Ft
30 Oswego SummitCondo$198,50011700
668 McVey Ave #40Condo$249,90011636
181 Oswego SummitCondo$289,000221383
5059 Foothills Dr ECondo$325,000221097
5058 Foothills Dr HCondo$339,900321252
4520 Lower Dr A1Condo$459,90032.51750
3595 Tempest DrDetached$615,000322126
2734 Orchard Hill LnDetached$699,000432800
221 Hidalgo StDetached$710,00032.52660
4113 Wood Hill CtDetached$745,000432810
5338 Royal Oaks DrDetached$819,00042.52720
18375 River Edge LnDetached$1,185,00042.53612
877 9th StDetached$1,450,00032.52932
17495 Kelok RdDetached$1,750,00032.53282
13615 Knaus RdDetached$1,995,00043.54294

Pending Sept 21-27, 2020

AddressTypePriceBRBathsSq FtCDOM
90 Galen StCondo$149,900115524
320 Cervantes Circle 12BAttached$209,900218323
6930 Montauk CircleCondo$235,0002192412
4632 Lower DrCondo$275,00021.5126033
4340 BotticelliCondo$369,90033152285160
4963 Suntree LnDetached$529,90022.5186181
2305 Glen Haven RdDetached$595,0003215932
5364 Rosewood StDetached$599,00042.5198015
5885 Dove CtDetached$599,9003317957
14408 Orchard Springs RdCondo$600,0005321583
25 Becket StDetached$650,00053311214
17226 Tualatin StDetached$695,00042.519424
151 C AveAttached$795,00022.5193430
5682 Charles CircleDetached$839,0004330523
5335 Westfield CtDetached$889,90042.5312225
19245 Megly CtDetached$899,00053349041
18140 Pioneer CtDetached$964,9004325242
15650 Quarry RdDetached$1,298,00032.5312614
800 Terrace DrDetached$1,559,00054.55359160

Sold/Closed Sept 21-27, 2020

AddressTypeList PriceSold PriceSq FtCDOM
4 Touchstone #126Condo$210,000$197,70098472
4 Touchstone #146Condo$244,900$244,90097988
4000 Carman Dr E74Condo$229,900$230,00083613
45 Eagle Crest Dr #402Condo$249,000$249,0007687
3844 Botticelli StCondo$319,000$305,000113230
37 Greenridge CtAttached$399,000$355,000117652
750 1st St A12Condo$379,000$360,000135024
1120 Boca Ratan DrAttached$400,000$410,00016115
5168 Lakeview BlvdDetached$395,000$415,0009604
6024 Fernbrook CircleDetached$494,900$512,50016162
12850 Alto Park RdDetached$600,000$600,00011479
15601 Tanager DrDetached$619,900$625,00020466
1280 Oak TerraceDetached$579,900$635,00016851
12401 Shelby CtDetached$660,000$680,00027181
1953 Summit DrDetached$889,000$819,000331247
17838 Lake Haven DrDetached$839,900$875,00022143
3903 Tempest DrDetached$899,000$899,000255714
47 Hillshire DrDetached$1,085,000$1,110,00033246
5156 Dawn StDetached$1,150,000$1,150,000241315
16429 Bonaire AveDetached$1,299,900$1,250,000296730
17171 Cedar RdDetached$1,795,000$1,500,0003746389
13888 Goodall RdDetached$1,738,000$1,738,00044355
17322 Cedar RdDetached$1,795,000$1,810,000343230
768 Berwick CtDetached$2,150,000$1,810,000412719
931 Atwater RdDetached$2695,000$2,500,000412719
910 Northshore RdDetached$4,595,000$4,350,000545517

Criteria:Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.

8 Ways to Make a House Feel Larger

I think it is pretty well understood that proper staging of a house will help it to sell both more quickly and also at a higher price. One of the key elements in good staging is to make the rooms in the house feel as large as possible. In some houses this is easy because they already have large rooms. In other houses it needs to be enhanced and here are a few tips to help get this accomplished.

1. Think vertical. Decorating elements that draw the eye up to the ceiling will help the room feel taller. This can be done with a book shelf that goes all the way to the ceiling or a pendant light fixture that hangs down from the ceiling.

2. Use furniture that you can see under or through. Sofas and chairs with legs rather than skirts allows the eye to see under and beyond them. A glass coffee table or dining table also accomplishes this.

3. White walls and trim lightens the room and gives a sense of soaring, bright space.

4. Go with a few big accents as opposed to a bunch of little ones. A big piece of art or a single large chair has more impact than a bunch of little stuff that makes a room feel cluttered and cramped.

5. Get away from the wall. Pull furniture way from the wall and into the room to create conversation areas. When a sofa is pushed up against a wall, it drawers your eye to the wall, which brings the walls forward and makes the room feel smaller.

6. Simplify the color scheme. When walls and furniture are complimentary shades of the same color scheme it makes the room feel unified and more spacious. A bunch of different colors draws the eye to each individual object as opposed to a unified and uncomplicated space.

7. Don’t hang curtains. Curtains obstruct views to the outside and block natural light.

8. Bring the outside in. See #7 above, but also consider having a few house plants and decorating with natural objects and fibers. This helps to bring the outdoors inside to combine the space and enlarge the feeling of living area.

One of the services that Linda and I provide is that we go through a house with the homeowner before it is listed for sale. Visiting each room, we advise what to do to get that room ready so that it will show at its very best. Please don’t hesitate to give one of us a call if you are wanting to get your house ready to sell.

I hope you have found this information helpful. As always, thanks for reading the blotter.

Market Activity Sept 7-13, 2020

The Portland Metro area has been all over the National news this past week due to the intense smokey conditions from the surrounding wildfires. I am happy to say that heavy rain yesterday has cleared the air and we are enjoying bright blue skies. Hallelujah!

Despite the smoke, last week was another busy time for Lake Oswego real estate with 16 new listings, 28 pending sales, and 25 closed sales.

New on the Market (Sept 7-13, 2020)

Address Type Price BR Baths Sq Ft
6930 Montauk Circle Condo $235,000 2 1 924
5 Summit Ridge Ct Attached $429,900 2 2.5 1576
1001 Cedar St Detached $499,000 4 2.5 2572
12 Saint Helens Circle Detached $525,000 3 2 1780
1920 Southshore Blvd Detached $579,900 3 2 1313
5364 Rosewood St Detached $599,000 4 2.5 1980
25 Becket St Detached $650,000 5 3 3112
4045 Melissa Dr Detached $758,000 4 2.5 2529
12793 Sierra Vista Dr Detached $779,000 4 3.5 3650
100 D Ave Attached $825,000 2 2.5 1847
6435 McDuff Ct Detached $975,000 5 3.5 3424
2900 Upper Dr Detached $1,040,000 3 2 2272
928 Cedar St Detached $1,175,000 4 3.5 3182
15650 Quarry Rd Detached $1,298,000 3 2.5 3126
2120 Glenmorrie Dr Detached $1,449,000 4 3.5 4383
18035 Skyland Circle Detached $1,595,000 4 3.5 3893

Pending Sales (Sept 7-13, 2020)

Address Type Price BR Baths Sq Ft CDOM
75 Oswego Summit Condo $178,000 1 1 1058 11
126 Oswego Summit Condo $195,000 1 1 764 30
4000 Carman Dr G97 Condo $259,000 2 2 926 3
6 Britten Ct Attached $425,000 2 2 1317 18
6024 Fernbrook Circle Detached $494,900 3 2 1616 2
5767 Baleine St Detached $509,900 3 1.5 1160 45
2823 Orchard Hill PL Detached $550,000 3 2.5 2302 4
14781 Rainbow Dr Detached $585,000 4 3 1612 3
200 Burnham Rd #311 Condo $599,000 3 2 1894 63
875 Boca Ratan Dr Detached $699,000 5 3 2502 24
17897 Sundown Ct Detached $699,900 5 3 3755 403
400 4th St Attached $724,900 2 2.5 1731 27
5820 Stewart Glenn Ct Detached $739,000 5 2.5 3262 123
12883 Sierra Ct Detached $779,000 3 3 2996 1
18857 Indian Springs Circle Detached $839,900 4 3 2572 9
17931 Meadowlark Ln Detached $899,900 5 3.5 4385 14
3200 Upper Dr Detached $900,000 4 3 2543 4
5269 Denton Dr Detached $940,000 4 2.5 3173 3
1029 Laurel St Detached $959,900 5 3.5 3195 55
4140 Melissa Dr Detached $1,149,000 5 5.5 3910 14
749 Southview Rd Detached $1,300,000 4 3.5 3123 95
14480 Kruse Oaks Blvd Detached $1,325,000 4 3.5 4661 79
13744 Knaus Rd Detached $1,450,000 4 3.5 3667 8
3920 Upper Dr Detached $1,500,000 4 3.5 3800 115
16877 Canyon Dr Detached $1,629,900 4 4 3771 21
3735 Upper Dr Detached $1,800,000 4 4 4056 0
3109 Douglas Dr Detached $1,895,000 5 4.5+.5 4880 79
15608 Village Dr Detached $2,589,000 5 3.5 5407 497

Sold/Closed (Sept 7-13, 2020)

Address Type List Price Sold Price Sq Ft CDOM
16 Cervantes Circle 6E Condo $220,000 $215,000 912 6
750 1st St #D25 Condo $325,000 $316,000 1,350 8
13 Becket St Detached $550,000 $452,000 4064 7
17175 Rebecca Ln Detached $575,000 $575,000 1833 2
12 Walking Woods Dr Detached $568,000 $660,000 2177 3
1953 Indian Trail Detached $675,000 $680,000 2110 12
12562 Orchard Hill Rd Detached $739,000 $730,000 2574 47
4108 Orchard Way Detached $774,000 $755,000 3010 25
1500 Eastview Ct Detached $829,999 $790,000 3872 116
4405 Sundew Ct Detached $850,000 $840,000 4535 107
19263 Megly Ct Detached $899,900 $865,000 3242 66
12641 Adrian Ct Detached $896,448 $896,448 3602 9
1766 Palisades Terrace Dr Detached $930,000 $907,600 2805 67
16754 Quail Ct Detached $1,088,000 $920,000 3329 131
6016 Clairmont Ct Detached $950,000 $930,000 3210 $9
2655 Dellwood Dr Detached $915,000 $950,000 3164 28
17517 Oak Meadow Ln Detached $949,900 $993,000 2952 3
5677 Charles Circle Detached $995,000 $995,000 2976 5
18400 Delenka Ln Detached $998,800 $1,000,000 5245 27
18820 Green Bluff Dr Detached $1,395,000 $1,325,000 5572 183
14190 Sundeleaf Dr Detached $1,459,900 $1,422,500 3688 28
12812 Alto Park Rd Detached $1,500,000 $1,480,000 4040 26
14530 Uplands Dr Detached $1,639,000 $1,589,000 4080 174
17036 Canal Circle Detached $1,650,000 $1,600,000 3931 708
17147 Old River Dr Detached $2,350,000 $2,350,000 6936 52

Criteria: Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings.