LO’s Gallery Without Walls

There are a few things that Lake Oswego is known for: great schools, the amazing hanging flower baskets, and the Gallery Without Walls. These three items, in my opinion, pretty much define this town. Personally, I moved to LO for the schools. I’ve never regretted that decision. The schools are profoundly better than the community I moved away from. So that’s why I moved here. But why did I stay?

My kids are now in their 30’s. I do appreciate the schools, but I stayed because of the town. This town is wonderful. I have been very active in Girl Scouts and various groups like book clubs and the Festival of the Arts. There is true community here. I also stayed because, well, it’s beautiful in LO. Driving about town I just so enjoy the famous hanging flower baskets and the many out door sculptures that make up the Gallery Without Walls. They make me feel optimistic. Art is an important part of my life. I want to see it as much as I can!

The Gallery Without Walls was started 20 years ago. Each winter a committee from the Lake Oswego Arts Council begins the selection process for the years selections. The sculptures are installed in October and remain for two years. So every year half the on loan sculptures are switched out and new installations are installed.

Also each year the citizens of LO vote on the People’s Choice. The winning sculpture is purchased by the Arts Council and installed in a new location as a permanent feature. Over the years the permanent collection has grown to include 50 pieces that are located all over town. Along with the permanent collection and on the on-loan collection, the city now enjoys 90 sculptures. That’s a lot of art to enjoy as you drive to drop your kids off at school or go to get groceries. It makes the day just a little bit sweeter.

Gallery Without Walls is just one more reason that I love living in LO.

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