Big Zone Change

Last year the Oregon legislature passed two zoning laws that are going to have big impact on every town in Oregon that has a population of over 10,000 people.

House bill 2001 requires towns with more than 10,000 to allow “middle housing” in neighborhoods that have previously been zoned for single family dwellings. Middle housing is duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes and cottage clusters. Duplexes must be allowed on every lot where single family housing is allowed. The other options have some restrictions. The State Department of Land Conservation and Development is currently working to determine what this means and what cities must do to be in compliance.

House bill 2003 requires cities to study future housing needs and to develop strategies to meet those needs. Lake Oswego is required to do this study and provide a housing needs assessment by 2023.

Obviously this is super controversial. The need for more housing is evident and it is good the State is working to provide more housing options. It could be a win-win for homeowners who want some rental income or want to provide affordable housing to friends or family members. But the flip side is that it will have an impact on the character of our neighborhoods. It will also create greater density that will put a strain on city infrastructure.

For more information visit the City of Lake Oswego website, www.lakeosweago.ciy and search for file “PP 19-0008”, or call Erik Oson, Senior Planner, at 503-697-6524.

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