Selling and Buying in the Fall

Fall is a time that makes us feel like being home. We watch the leaves change, take strolls in the cooling weather, maybe turn our furnaces on for the first time in awhile, or enjoy a fire in the evening if we have a fireplace.

For all these reasons Fall can be a wonderful time to sell a home. When Buyers are looking, it is always an emotional “Home-feeling” reaction that causes them to make an offer on any particular property. As a Seller, you can maximize this with warmth and homey-touches.

A few things to do if you’re selling in the Fall:
– Rake your leaves & detail your yard
– Clean your gutters
– Freshen the interior and add seasonal touches to the decor
– Service your furnace
– Attend to any moss on the roof (do NOT power-wash as this can damage the shingles. A brush works wonders.)
– Touch-up paint
– Clean the deck (decks can be slippery in the Fall)

Fall is also a fabulous time to be a Buyer. There is plenty of inventory, and right now in particular, though it is not an exclusively Seller’s- or Buyer’s- Market per se, there has been a leveling of prices that’s occurred this year, and the current environment is very friendly to both sides in a transaction as it allows all parties to get more of a feeling of getting what they want in the end. On the Buyer-side, Sellers tend to be more willing to work with Buyers and often are interested in Closing before the end of the year or more importantly, the Holidays! That gives you the opportunity to offer things they want in the way of terms, so its not **all** about price for Sellers at this time of year. I bought my own Lake Oswego home and moved in in time for Thanksgiving! That was a holiday season I will never forget.

As always, please feel free to call on Dianne or myself to help you if you want to get into a home or sell one before the Holidays!

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