It’s the schools! It’s the schools! It’s the schools!

Lake Oswego High School
Hands down the number one reason that people move to Lake Oswego is for the schools. It’s why I moved here in 1998. It’s why my parents moved her with me in 1976. Previously I had lived in the Sellwood neighborhood of Southeast Portland. Sellwood is super charming and I loved my old Portland bungalow and jogging in Oaks Bottom. But when my daughter entered Sellwood Middle School I couldn’t help but wonder if Portland Public Schools was the best place for her. My family really values education. The curriculum in Portland just seemed a little loosy goosy to me. You only have this one shot at giving your kids the best opportunity possible and a great education goes along way towards accomplishing this goal.

The difference was night and day. Whereas in SE Portland teachers coped with a lot of disciplinary issues, in Lake Oswego kids arrived at school ready to learn. I know that my experience was from 1998, so it is not a reflection of what is currently the case between the two school districts, but the state-wide rankings have changed very little in 20 years.

Lakeridge High School
My son struggled in school. We took the time to have him tested and the Doctor who did the testing came up with an in-depth program to monitor him throughout the school day. It was basically a rewards system that was designed to keep him engaged with the classroom activities and not be distracted and not paying attention. I took that plan to his 4th grade teacher and without batting an eye she got on board. This already busy teacher with a full classroom and a full lesson plan had the energy and desire to add this new task to her day. I am so grateful!

Both of my kids did great. No, they weren’t super stars in academia or athletics. They were just regular kids that had their ups and their downs. I think being a kid, and particularly being a teenager, is pretty tough. Kids need a safe place with structure that gives them the tools to succeed. I feel like Lake Oswego Schools did this for them. My daughter went on to college, my son chose the military.

I’m so glad that we moved here at a time when my kids could benefit from the schools. If you are in this stage of your life, and are thinking you need to move your kids to get them into some of the best public schools in the state, think about a move to LO. You won’t regret it.

For a ranking of Lake Oswego schools as they compare to other schools statewide and nationally, click here.

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