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Happy December, Property Blotter Readers!

One of the things we love about living here is the change of the seasons. The seasonal variations are not as marked as in other parts of the country with our snowfall being very periodic and usually short-lived, but we DO get some of that, and of course we get to enjoy our fireplaces and the cozy feeling of getting in out of the cold during winter months. Then in spring we watch the leaves come back, followed by the splendor & blue skies of summer, and fall when the leaves turn brilliant red & gold again.

The summer and the winter present challenges to all of us in terms of energy efficiency. The City of Portland has recently instituted a mandate set to begin in January 2018 that will require all homeowners who put their homes on the market to complete and provide to all potential Buyers a Home Energy Score & report. The score will be displayed on each listing, and the reports must be provided in the home right there with the flyer and other home info. The idea is to increase awareness & reduce the overall carbon footprint in this area, and the program is being instituted in conjunction with other major cities in the United States toward the same end. The comparison is being made to Buyers being able to see MPG rating on a car for instance, to let them know how much it is going to cost them in gas as they compare one vehicle to another. ***Lake Oswego is located in Clackamas County, is not part of the City of Portland, and is therefore exempt from this regulation, but I am bringing it to your attention as this is something Buyers, who are also looking in Portland right next door, will become used to seeing and will likely ask Lake Oswego homeowners about.

Lake Oswego is exempt, as I mentioned, and/but it is always a good idea to check your home’s energy efficiency. Also, this program signals & ushers a new era of expectations on the part of Buyers. The new program is creating a set of “Energy Assessors” in this area available to come to your home and check its systems such as furnace, air conditioning, windows, and insulation. They can, if you like, provide you with a report and an Energy Score that you can use for your own information regarding how you might lower your energy costs. The reports will cost approx $250 depending on the size of the home etc.

Its always best to be “in the know”! Here is a link to information on the Portland program, just FYI: CLICK HERE

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